Your Shoppers

Millions of delighted shoppers mean Linc is doing its job.

Happy customers mean return customers. So we set out to simplify the post-purchase process, and exceed all shopper expectations. Have we succeeded? Over a million shoppers would say yes.

Keep your customers in the loop and keep recommendation opportunities front and center.

Picture Of Shoes

A man in Jacksonville buys a pair of shoes from you. Now, instead of directing him to your shipping partner’s site (which, let’s face it, is less than optimal), you can send him all the information he needs in a branded email featuring recommendations.

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    Triggered SMS alerts

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    Direct carrier messaging

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    Easy delivery feedback

Make Every Part of the Shopping Experience Great

“I love brands that make it an easy experience while I shop and after I buy from them.”

–Mario, Santa Monica, CA

Turning a return into a chance to buy more.

A couple in Seattle orders a sheet set. Unfortunately they don’t fit their bed. However, thanks to Linc, when they go online to return the sheets, not only are they directed to exchange them at a nearby store, they also find the comforter while they’re there.

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    Personalized return assistant

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    Instant printing of shipping labels

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    Exchange recommendations


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