CX Automation that Delivers.

One Conversational AI Platform, Any Channel, Any Use Case

CX Automations That Delivers.

One Conversational AI Platform, Any Channel, Any Use Case

Make CX Your Competitive Advantage

From pre-purchase to post-purchase, Linc automated customer care platform helps businesses increase customer engagement on the channels they prefer while reducing customer service support costs.

Linc CX Automation Platform

Brand Awareness

Allow for easy access to your brand from search ads to google messenger. Linc ad to chat functionality can give your customers the quick information they need.

Buying Assistance

Acquire new customers and provide current customers with all the information they need throughout the entire customer journey with Linc’s Full Suite

Consultative Buying Assistance

Consultative Buying

Provide your customers with the timely answers they need to easily find the right products and content  on any channel they prefer

Post Purchase

Support order status, tracking and returns through a combination of Notification and self-service

Customer Retention

From loyalty points to easy reorder, provide your customers with the a complete customer experience


CX Insights

Explore articles and guides on the Customer Experience, Conversational AI, Ecommerce, Post Purchase Automation, Conversational Commerce, Live Chat and more

Always Omnichannel

With Linc omnichannel ai platform customer interactions are boundless. Across webchat, social media, 2-way SMS and voice AI platforms, Linc not only makes 24/7 assistance possible, but does so with one unified customer profile.

Linc Ai Platform Always Omnichannel
Pure Formulas Customer Experience Powered by Linc AI

“Linc is a true innovation partner, they not only understand technology and AI, they helped us build our own automation roadmap and execute it. We’ve been able to meet our customers on the channels they use daily such as Amazon Alexa, SMS, and Facebook Messenger.”