360 Degree Customer Experience: A Holiday Preparation Guide

Heading Into the Holiday Season, Perfecting the Customer Experience is More Important and More Challenging Than Ever

As merchants head into the final countdown to the holidays, this guide provides a comprehensive overview for delivering a proactive differentiated customer experience across touchpoints

It’s more important than ever to deliver ubiquitous, proactive customer service. With comprehensive content development, attention to execution across touchpoints, and a commitment to fostering loyalty, merchants can deliver the standout customer experiences that win sales and earn brand loyalty.

By implementing solid conversational commerce strategies now, your brand will be ahead of the game this holiday season.

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360 degree customer experience holiday guide

In This In-Depth CX Report We Will Be Examining:


Preparing and Maintaing Proactive Content

As merchants prepare to navigate holiday sales spikes, they should focus on proactive triage. By addressing common questions and straightforward topics before shoppers dial the call center, sellers save their valuable in-person live help resources for the most complex cases.


Using Exceptional Holiday Service as a Loyalty Builder

The holidays are a particularly ripe opportunity to begin building these long-term relationships. Prior to the 2018 holiday season, Deloitte found that although shoppers anticipated 77% of their gift spending would be with brands they already knew. To stay ahead of shoppers’ needs, merchants should combine personalization techniques with customer service messaging and loyalty club offerings to provide inspiration, foster trust, and earn loyalty.


Adopting the Practice of Omnichannel Transitions

Stellar holiday customer experience now requires that merchants orchestrate offerings across multiple boundaries. Not only must merchants follow shoppers as they move from touchpoint to touchpoint; they must also coordinate customer interactions with both automated systems and human representatives to ensure consistent, effective communication.


How to Spotlight Loyalty Club Holiday Perks

Thanks to big data processing capabilities and innovations in machine learning, more and more vendors are touting AI-enhanced solutions to meet the needs of merchants who are scrambling to implement intelligent solutions. But it’s been a bumpy ride so far. Not all AI tools are created equal.


How to Automate Predictive Intelligence to Drive Re-Engagement

With AI-powered tools enabling delivery of individualized conversations at scale, merchants can take full advantage of holiday opportunities to forge lasting relationships by proactively offering a choice of contact channels for post-purchase communication.