Advantages of Bespoke Customer Service for Retail Brands

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Learn How Your Brand Can Deliver Stellar Shopping Experiences With Bespoke Customer Service

Excerpt from e-book: “Why Retailers Should Embrace Bespoke Customer Service”

When you hear the word “bespoke,” what comes to mind? If you’re like most people, you think of it in relation to suits–one-of-a-kind tailored wonders, which, in contrast to off-the-rack versions, are constructed or altered to precisely fit the measurements of the wearer.

Bespoke customer service can refer to anything customized or personalized to the needs and desires of the end user, even as seemingly broad a term as “customer experience.”

When we talk about Bespoke Customer Service, we’re talking about creating experiences that are uniquely tailored to the expectations of a given customer and that leverage the specific benefits of each engagement channel to deliver those interactions.

If you think such a proposition sounds like it would require a legion of very expensive, almost omniscient, flesh-and-blood concierges to shepherd your shoppers through the buying process, you’re wrong.

With purpose-built and ecommerce-trained AI deployed across all of the channels on which you interact with your customers, you can create affordable, customized customer service experiences with ease.

Customization doesn’t involve reinventing the wheel

While every customer would like to believe their needs are truly unique, retailers know otherwise. The bulk of customer engagements with your brand revolve around standard queries (Where is my order? How do I initiate a return?), which means offering bespoke customer care doesn’t require reinventing the wheel for each customer interaction.

Customer care automation allows you to leverage the data you have about customers to personalize and contextualize their experience with you across channels and provide bespoke service at scale.

This means that your automated assistant is able to draw on your integrated customer view to know what a particular shopper has bought in the past and what shoppers of a similar profile have bought. It can cross-sell and upsell and suggest complementary products or repurchases of past orders based on the customer’s own history. Bespoke customer care delivered via automation makes your shopper feel known and valued by your brand in even the smallest moments, which in turns fosters brand loyalty, longer retention and increased customer lifetime value.

The caveat is that bespoke customer service demands purpose-built customer care AI that relies on algorithms and real-world data for training, and offers specialized ecommerce workflows, robust scalability, natural language understanding and is equipped to resolve inquiries involving other systems.

A platform needs commerce capabilities that allow AI to tackle order status questions and offer tracking updates, notifications, reorders and guided returns and exchanges across the channels customers prefer. Get this right and AI can handle over 70% of customer requests, all on the customer’s channel of choice, making the customer feel like the service they’re receiving is personalized to their needs.

You can learn more about the customer experience and how automating the shopper experience can engage your customers at every touch-point.

See how leading brands like Lamps Plus, Levi’s, Carter’s and others are using a Conversational AI platform as part of their customer experience strategies in their businesses today, on our resources page.


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