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Linc is an Award-Winning Automated Shopper Assistance Platform Recognized as the Leading and Most Trusted AI Solution for Customer Service Automation.

The Linc platform leverages robust and scalable conversational ai capable of automating over 85% of customer inquiries right out of the box.

Linc is more than an ai chatbot or live chat feature. We’ve created an intuitive, holistic and customer-centric platform to help businesses, retailers, and enterprise brands offer differentiating services and experiences using an automated assistant via the channels customers use most including; SMS, live chat, chat apps, voice assistants, web and email.

“The Linc platform allows us to provide our customers with an innovative and one-to-one experience while building loyalty and brand engagement. With Linc we can get onto the channels that our customers use every day, allowing us to interact with our customers one-on-one. We’ve been able to use key moments in the delivery experience to grow our relationship and get feedback from our customers.”

– Steven Borrelli, CEO, CUTS

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The Ridge Automated Customer Experience With Linc CX Auomtation Platform



“Looking at the customer journey holistically is incredibly important to us. We want the characteristics of clarity and ease that we strive for in our product development to ring throughout the entire customer journey, from website navigation to purchase to receiving the product. Linc helps us keep that customer experience seamless.”

Daniel Kane, CEO and co-founder, The Ridge

How Retailers and Apparel Brands are Using the Linc Customer Experience Platform



Automate over 85% of Customer Inquiries with Conversational AI


You May Have Heard All of the Buzzwords About AI Chatbots, Live Chat, Order Tracking and Return Software, Buy Online Pick Up InStore (BOPIS), Conversational AI, Customer Experience Platforms and Omni-Channel AI.

But What Does it Really Mean and What Can it Do for Your Brand?

What  Are the Differences Between AI Chatbots and Customer Experience Platforms and How Do You Choose the Right One for Your Business?

We’ve provided guides, e-books, case studies, articles, and webinars to help sort out the confusion around automating customer experience and what options are available to you based  upon your unique requirements.

How to Automate Customer Care With AI Chatbots and Voice

Explore the Linc Conversational AI Customer Service Platform


Learn How to Craft A Customer Experience Automation Roadmap That Will Retain Loyal Customers


In This Webinar Session, Fang Cheng CEO and Founder of Linc Shows Us How to Take a Pragmatic Approach to Bring CX Automation to Your Customer Experience Strategy to Retain Loyal Customers and Drive Brand Awareness.

Crafting Your CX Automation Roadmap for Optimal Engagement

How to Build an Automation First CX Strategy


Pandemic Proof Your Brand With the Latest INsights In Consumer Behavior Post Covid-19


COVID-19 has completely changed the way your customers are purchasing. There is no segment of the retail industry that has not had to adapt to the “new normal” post pandemic.

We’ve seen venerable brands declare bankruptcy. We’ve seen online shopping grow exponentially as customers shelter in place and we’ve seen predictions that the coronavirus might be what finally kills the American shopping mall.

If you have not already implemented an automation first cx strategy or considered using a conversational ai platform to handle your customer service you need to act fast!

We’ve provided resources and guides to help your business to navigate this new and unchartered territory.

State of the Industry Post Covid-19: CX Automation

2020 Holiday Planning Guide: Post Covid-19

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