Automated Shopper Assistance: What It Is and What It Means for Retailers

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What is Automated Shopper Assistance and What Does it Mean For You as a Retailer?

Simply put, automated shopper assistance and customer care bridges traditionally siloed systems like customer service, social media management, logistics systems, ecommerce platforms, and email marketing by using AI to engage with customers across channels.

Given that well over half of customers’ questions are standard queries, they’re well-suited to be handled by an AI Chatbot or automated assistant instead of an employee paid to triage customer care interactions.

How Does This Affect You as a Retailer?

This means that retailers can dramatically reduce customer care costs while increasing customer satisfaction by leveraging ai automation to handle routine inquiries and questions.

It’s critical, however, to use purpose-built customer care AI that relies on algorithms and real-world data for training, and offers specialized ecommerce workflows, robust scalability, natural language understanding and is equipped to resolve inquiries involving other systems.

Generic AI Chatbots won’t do; a platform needs commerce capabilities that allow AI to tackle order status questions and offer tracking updates, notifications, reorders and guided returns and exchanges across the channels customers prefer.

Get this right and AI can handle over 85% of customer requests, from order status updates to returns and reorders, all on the customer’s channel of choice.

In Our Retailers Guide to Choosing an Automated Shopper Assistance Platform we discuss in depth the topics we have brought up in this article.



Automating your customer service and support is full of potential pitfalls that our guide covers to ensure you are choosing a customer experience platform that is right for your brand.

You can learn more about the customer experience and how automating the shopper experience can engage your customers at every touchpoint by exploring the Linc Conversational AI Solutions Page




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