Be More Responsive and Protect Your Brand In These Trying Times

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Your business is no doubt going through trying times.

Whether YouTube needed to reduce your call center staff thus creating prolonged hold times or your business is experiencing the opposite and you are receiving huge spikes in volume that you are unable to scale while keeping your employees safe.  Either scenario you are sure to see the customer experience go down and CSAT scores to lower if you are unable to protect your brand identity.

At a time when the consumer’s mindset is shifting to security and certainty, customer service has never been more important.

As brands tackle the trade-offs between taking good care of their customers and keeping employees safe, there is a third prong that allows brands to leverage customer care automation in order to bring customer service online 24/7.

An Automated Agent Complements the Human Customer Service Workforce by Providing:

  • Always-on availability to ensure your customers cant get the information they need when it’s most important to them
  • Knowledge-base of information without the learning curve of training new customer service agents of new information (especially as service policies are evolving and rapidly changing during these extraordinary times), including:
      • Store hours
      • Shipping speed and delivery estimates
  • Consistent performance providing all new and rapidly changing information can be immediately implemented into the automated assistant.
  • Provide safety from home for your employees while providing the service and support your customers need

As hard as these times, they too shall pass, but the sooner brands invest in automation, the easier it will be to provide the customer care that all customers need and to bring them back as loyal shoppers when this is over.

If you are interested in learning more about Conversational AI and specifically, how you can quickly implement an easy to use conversational AI experience tailored to your brand, please visit our website to learn more.


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