Why Retailers Should Embrace Bespoke Customer Service

When You Think of Bespoke Customer Service What Comes to Mind?

If you’re like most people, you may be thinking of bespoke customer service in its relations to suits, one of a kind tailored wonders, which, in contrast to off the rack versions are constructed or altered precisley to fit in the measurements of the wearer.

Bespoke customer service can refer to anything that is customized or personalized to the needs of the end user, even as seemingly broad a term as “customer experience”.

Your customers want to feel like they’re one in a million not one of a million.

Using automation to provide contextual, personalized bespoke engagement with your brand helps you to meet this expectation at scale and helps your customers feel uniquely valued. The conclusion we make in this report is clear; investing in bespoke customer service drives delightful, memorable shopping experiences and bottom line revenue.

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Why You Should Embrace Bespoke Customer Service

In This Bespoke Customer Service Guide We Cover:


Bespoke Customer Service Doesn't Involve Reinventing the Wheel

With the majority of customer support questions being ones like “Where is my order (WISMO)?” or “How do I initiate a return?” offering bespoke customer service doesn’t require reinventing the wheel. We cover actionable steps your brand can take to offer these features at scale.


Why Bespoke AI is More Efficient Than Human Agents

There is a ceiling to how much a retailer can grow its human customer support workforce before the associated overhead costs become untenable. Human resources just can’t scale quickly or widely enough to match the growing customer expectations around personalized/bespoke, always on customer service.


What Bespoke Customer Service Looks Like Across the Entire Purchasing Journey

The days of linear customer journey – a straight line from research to engagement to purchase where everything hinges on conversion and where the brand guides the customer along the path are gone, and they aren’t coming back. We cover what today’s customer is looking for in bespoke service and how you can deliver them with ease.