Learning Series: Conversational Commerce

From notifications to conversations, service to revenue.

Your inside track on conversational commerce, and how you can use these channels to blend service, merchandising and sales with customer care automation.
How to Handle the Rise of Customer Expectations

Part 1: The Rise of Customer Expectations (And how to handle them)

Over the last ten years, a huge shift has occurred in where customers get their information, how they get it, and what they’ve come to expect from companies. The motto, “the customer is always right,” still stands today, and its forcing companies to be faster, more personal and easier to deal with than ever before.

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How to Turn Standard Customer Touchpoints Into a First Class Experience

Part 2: Turning standard touchpoints into a first class experience

Every interaction with your customer is important, and maximizing the effectiveness of touchpoints has been a valid business concern for some time. Leading brands have ditched the “touchpoint-focus”  for a more holistic customer journey.

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Customer Engagement Best Practices

Part 3: Customer Engagement Best Practices

Crafting an experience that will keep customers coming back makes sense. The cost of replacing a lost customer can range from 5 to 25 times the investment of keeping them. So where do retailers start? And how do you know what’s best? This Guide is a great place to start.

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The Evolution of Ecommerce

Part 4: Evolution of ecommerce

Buying and selling online began merely 3 decades ago and already there are more than a billion ecommerce sites online. How is your team supposed to keep up?

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Conversational Commerce

Part 5: Quick Guide to Conversational Commerce

Consumers are adopting chat and voice platforms faster than any channel before them, but what does this actually mean for retailers? This Guide clearly lays out conversational channels, how they differ and what customers expect on each.

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Voice Assistants

Part 6: Spotlight on Voice Assistants

How retailers and brands can leverage Voice Assistants to drive revenue and engagement.

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Spotlight on Chatbots

Part 7: Spotlight on ChatBots

In 2016, Facebook announced it was opening up its messenger channel for developers to create chatbots… 100,000 bots (and counting) have been launched to date.

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6 Costly Misunderstandings About ChatBots and Voice Assistants

Part 8: 6 Costly Misunderstandings about ChatBots and Voice

Retailers are facing a raft of challenges this year, with Amazon capturing more than half of total online retail growth and customer acquisition costs are soaring. We’ve tackled 6 common misunderstandings about voice and chatbots to help you get ahead.

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How to Build a Conversational Tech Stack

Part 9: How to Build a Conversational Commerce Tech Stack

Taking on new technology is a massive decision, and lots of money stands to be spent or saved, earned or lost. Do you do it alone, or do you hire help?

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