Linc Global and CUTS Clothing


Learn How CUTS Clothing Leveraged Linc’s Customer Assistance Platform to Create the Personalized Pre and Post Purchase Experience Their Customers Craved.

Read the case study to gain valuable insights into how Linc was able to help CUTS in their quest for differentiation in a competitive direct to consumer world.

The Linc CX Platform allows us to provide our customers with an innovative and one-to-one experience while building loyalty and brand engagement.

~ Steven Borrelli, CEO | CUTS


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CUTS Clothing Working With Linc.

CUTS, makers of stylish men’s tees that fit any occasion, knew that their customers wanted choice–not only in the hem and neckline of their favorite shirt but in how they engaged with the company selling it.

CUTS recognized that its customers were eager for a more personalized purchase experience that didn’t end at the digital checkout. CUTS saw a clear opportunity to upgrade and automate their post-purchase engagement to meet customer expectations and build long-term loyalty.

“With so many options to shop, your loyal customers are essential to the growth of your brand. Customers today want instant answers both pre and post-purchase. We want to provide exceptional service and real-time updates and personalized recommendations from the time our customer sees an ad to the time the package arrives at their doorstep, Linc Customer Experience Platform allows us to provide our customers with an innovative and one-to-one experience while building loyalty and brand engagement.” 

~ Steven Borrelli, CEO of CUTS.

linc personalized responsive customer experience platform

Undeniable Customer Engagement Results

Easy cross-channel communication

By giving customers a choice of how (and where) to stay updated on their orders, CUTS was able to drive an SMS opt-in rate of over 17% and a Facebook Messenger opt-in rate of nearly 2%.

Fostering high-quality feedback

CUTS implemented a popular survey bot that allowed them to collect immediate feedback from customers to improve future interactions. Linc’s platform enables CUTS to provide personalized order tracking and useful and timely product recommendations to facilitate cross and up-selling.

In addition, it gives CUTS the opportunity to scale to more automation in the future based on their customers’ needs, including adding automated web chat and voice channels.

“Linc gets us onto the channels that our customers use every day, allowing us to interact with our customers one-on-one. We’ve been able to use key moments in the delivery experience to grow our relationship and get feedback from our customers,”

~ Steven Borrelli, CEO, CUTS

CUTS Clothing achieving undeniable customer engagement results

About CUTS

Get ready for “a cut for every occasion.” Founded in 2017, CUTS offers minimalist t-shirts of unsurpassed style and comfort for the man who wants to be ready,day or night, for wherever life takes him.

Check out CUTS website.

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