Linc’s Customer Experience Automation Solutions

Linc is the premier Customer Experience (CX) Automation solution built for modern enterprise retailers to rapidly resolve complex eCommerce use cases through pre-built and extensible Digital Workers that can provide a seamless handoff to a live agent when critical issues arise.

Linc’s patented no-dialog tree technology enables an award-winning customer experience and allows customers to engage in 2-way conversations across all communication channels 24/7, 365 days a year, throughout the entire customer journey.

linc customer experience cx automation solutions

Holistic Order Support Digital Workers

Alleviate your support teams to focus on business-critical issues by offloading 85%+ of your customers’ post-purchase order support inquiries through automation. Deliver proactive updates from the moment a purchase is made, provide real-time track and trace as soon as an order is processed, simplify pre-fulfillment order modifications and cancellations, streamline split-shipment customer experiences, gain stress-free in-store pickup orchestration, easily facilitate returns, exchanges or make-goods, and give your customers the ability to rapid resolve their own issues with self-service landing pages. 
linc cx automation platform order support
consultative selling digital workers linc

Consultative Selling Digital Workers

Accelerate your revenue drive by delivering tailored shopping experiences at the individual level. Linc’s Consultative Selling Digital Workers provide out-of-the-box support for 300+ eCommerce support services and deliver a concierge-like product selection experience with individualized product recommendations based on your customer’s historical purchasing patterns and a nuanced understanding of your product catalog. With the ability to resolve complex product detail inquires during the research-before-you-buy process, you will never lose another sale to unanswered questions.

Buying Assistance Digital Workers

Turn browsing into buying by delivering best-in-class dedicated service and all-encompassing assistance on everything from intuitive promotion support and awareness assistance, answering promo code-specific questions (such as expiration dates or invalid applications) to reduce cart abandonment, and providing insight to store inventory and product availability, no matter where or when your customers feel like researching or buying.

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linc cx automation platform customer retention

Customer Retention Digital Workers

Gain lifelong customers by driving auto-delivery and subscription awareness to increase sign-ups, rapidly resolving loyalty and membership inquiries, providing fast warranty registration and claim resolution, and delivering information your customers need, when they need it, through any channel they use.

Synchronized Conversational Channel Support.

Linc’s Digital Workers integrate and synchronize with each other so that no matter which support solution your customers need, they are always recognized and remembered from their past purchases and interactions. Linc’s Digital Workers provide support across all major conversational platforms, including webchat, Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Google Business Messages and WhatsApp, so your customers can get assistance through the conversational channel of their choice.

Linc Customer Experience Platform.

Linc Digital Workers powered by robust conversational AI are the driving force behind our award winning customer experience platform. Seamlessly automate the entire purchasing journey while providing an unparalleled automated shopping experience for your customers.

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