Automated Customer Retention.

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Retain and Engage Your Loyal Customers

Increase customer lifetime value and turn one-time buyers into lifetime customers with Linc’s Retention Assistance.

Whether its reorder information, loyalty points, refer a friend or subscription details, Linc AI platform provides your customers with the information they need when they want it and on the channel they prefer.


More Repurchases Within 30 Days


Automation For All Inquiries

Painless Loyalty Information

Provide your customers with easy to find loyalty information including loyalty points, rewards and account information.

Easy Reordering For Seamless Purchasing

From product questions to promotion questions, your customers want real-time assistance to their critical buying questions. You’ve spent customer acquisition budgets to get them here, don’t let the unanswered question be the barrier to a successful sales conversion.

Reduce Friction With Subscription and Membership Orders

Allow your customers to have easy access to FAQ’s, membership and subscription information via all conversational channels/

Reduce call center stress by automating the process for seamless answers to all your customers questions.


“We realized the need of our customers to receive quick and easily accessible communications and answers on the channels they prefer. We partnered with Linc because of their ability to provide this and drive engagement with our shoppers after a purchase, as well as, help automate basic tasks to lessen the burden on our Customer Service agents. “


~Doug Pearce

Sr. Manager of Ecommerce and Customer Service


Opt-in rate across SMS text 33%


Increased engagement – customers get more value via real-time updates

Leveraging Linc Global’s Customer Care Automation Platform, PacSun offers proactive SMS notifications on order status and automates returns to enhance their customer care experience.

Linc CX Automation Platform

From pre-purchase to post-purchase, Linc helps businesses increase customer engagement while reducing customer service support costs

Brand Awareness

Allow for easy access to your brand from search ads to google messenger, add to chat functionality can give your customers the quick information they need.

Post Purchase

Support order status, tracking and returns through a combination of Notification and self-service

Linc Conversational AI Software Solutions for Retailers

Consultative Buying

Provide your customers with the timely answers they need to easily find the right products and content  on any channel they prefer

Buying Assistance

Acquire new customers and provide current customers with all the information they need throughout the entire customer journey with Linc’s Full Suite

Customer Retention

From loyalty points to easy reorder, provide your customers with a complete omnichannel customer experience.

CX Insights

Articles and guides on Conversational Commerce, the Customer Experience, Conversational AI, Ecommerce, Post Purchase Automation, Customer Retention Live Chat and more

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