Experience It.

Experience The Linc Platform from Brand Awareness to Pre-Purchase to Buying Assistance Through Post-Purchase and Retention

Inventory Status


Relieve the stress of not having the right products in-store, by allowing your customers to easily check inventory status before they exert the effort of going to the store

Store Locator


Easily display store locations including hours and directions

Refer a Friend


Never miss an opportunity to engage happy customers by making it easy for them to refer your brand to their friends


Pre-Purchase Assistance


Customers can search for the type of product they want as well as narrow down their search criteria by preference, size, color, shape, etc across all conversational channels

Product Inspiration


Allow your customers to get instant product recommendations from their web chat or social messaging services.

Content Inspiration


Showcase all your valuable content including, brand stories, recipes, product tips, vacation planning, etc, all from an automated assistant at the time it is most relevant.


Ad to Chat


Easily access product questions directly from display and search ads.

Google Messaging


Utilize the revolutionary new search ads




“Where is my order” questions are one of the leading customer service inquiries.

Order Tracking


Allow your customers to track their package at any time from their unique link



Streamline and reduce the headache of returns with an easy to use return portal that includes all of your important customer data


Loyalty Program Support


Retain your loyal customers by providing your valued customer with an easy way to access membership points and understand their loyalty program


How-To Questions


After a purchase is delivered, give your customers a unique experience and provide them with the answers to all the important “how-to” questions

Easy Re-Ordering


Make reordering easy with easy reordering from any conversational channel



Make the subscription experience seamless with access to all conversational channels