New Feature: FAQ Curator for Conversational AI and Post-Purchase Engagement

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With Chatbots and Conversational AI leading the charge for digital innovation and customer experience, businesses are swiftly learning how they can use and apply this technology to provide their customers with a holistic customer experience regardless of channel.

Utilizing chatbots for FAQs is a key place for businesses to start as they are well understood by customers, predefined and most organizations have some sort of FAQ landing page on their website. So for many, creating a conversational interface for FAQs can be a low-risk first use case.

FAQs can be implemented with Conversational AI in a multitude of ways, from simple question and answer pairs to multi-step FAQs to conversational process automation.

At Linc, we are excited to announce the launch of our new FAQ curator tool, a web-based portal to automate, manage and curate your knowledge-base (i.e. FAQ) content, led by performance data from real user interactions.

This new feature takes the automated FAQ use case one step further by providing data and tracking from real user interaction allowing users to:

  • Accurately track coverage and run-time performance
  • Provide content suggestions driven by unmet needs observed in real user interactions
  • Give brand stakeholders visibility into all questions being asked by the chatbot
  • Allow for sentiment analysis and show questions areas for improvements and modifications
  • Supports direct integration to Salesforce Service Cloud Knowledge-base Content.

In addition, businesses gain real-time insights into their customers preferences and are able to enhance their current content and services based on actual user data, thus reducing call volume and increasing C-SAT Scores. With the launch of the FAQ Curator businesses can steadily increase their customer satisfaction ratings and optimize the overall customer experience.

You can learn more about conversational AI and how automating the shopper experience can engage your customers at every touchpoint by exploring Linc’s platform and solutions pages. Or take a look at how leading brands like Lamps Plus, Levi’s, Carter’s and others are using an automated customer assistance platform as part of their customer experience strategies in their businesses today, in our resources page.


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