How AI Will Transform Customer Engagement

Customer Experience is the New Battlefield and AI is the New Reinforcements.

As customers ask more questions across more channels, delivering timely and quality support becomes, consequently, more complex, especially when relying solely on human intervention. AI presents an easily programmed solution for these new omnipresent consumers and their uncomplicated requests.

The upsides of AI aren’t the result of a marketing fad or tech bubble. Automation leads to higher customer retention, higher net profits, and higher customer lifetime value.
AI-powered customer service is the retailer’s new reality.

Shoppers aren’t waiting for retailers to catch up, they simply shift their loyalty to a competitor with superior shopping experiences. Retailers hesitating to adopt, or even experiment, with AI are already losing the innovation game, and losing customers. AI is the future and the future is now.

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In This CX Guide We Discuss


The Changing Landscape of Customer Service

Brands that stay focused on delivering unique, wholly individualized customer experiences can differentiate themselves, engage shoppers, and encourage them to move from window shopping to serious consideration and eventual sales.


Innovating the Customer Service Experience

Innovation leaders like Amazon, Apple, and Salesforce represent the early adopters and benchmark success stories of AI implementations. They interweave AI throughout their platforms, attracting new customers and serving existing customers better. But, we can’t confuse automation with AI. What sets AI, and these companies, apart is the use of natural language processing, decision making, and deep learning.


The Future of Customer Service Shaped by AI

Gartner predicts that by 2018, more than 50% of companies will redirect their investments to customer experience innovations. Brands will nurture a deeper, longer lasting bond with their customers and grow their customer base organically through positive word-of-mouth.