Build Lasting Loyalty With Customer Experience CX Automation

How Beauty Retail Brands Interact With Shoppers Along the Path to Purchase Into an Ongoing Customer Relationship is More Important Than Ever

The internet and mobile shopping have brought new challenges and opportunities. In our in-depth report we discuss strategies on how beauty brands can deliver customer experiences (CX) that stand out from the competition.

Even as the beauty industry giants vie for prime market share, merchants without the online reach of Amazon or thousands of stores can still find plenty of room to compete and they can succeed by focusing on the customer experience. By creating interactions that are individualized, responsive, and transparent, beauty retail brands can build relationships that are more than skin deep, earning lasting customer loyalty.

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how beauty customer experience can build lasting brand loyalty

In This CX Guide We Cover:


How to offer consultative experiences through multiple channels.

Example: On the eCommerce site and elsewhere, beauty sellers should offer experiences that focus on solutions, not just individual products and back up such goal-based categorization with the opportunity to interact one on one and receive tailored beauty advice.

Reflecting on shoppers’ priorities with customer-centric offerings.

True conversations flow two ways, so not only should beauty brands use one-to-one channels as a means to deliver personalized recommendations and loyalty incentives; they should also use input received through those channels to adapt merchandising and even product development to suit customers’ needs.


How to adopt and execute a cyclical approach to drive replenishment sales.

Servicing shoppers with a complete beauty regimen means not just driving toward a singular purchase goal, but instead establishing a sustainable daily or monthly routine and prompting customers to repurchase in cadence with their needs.


Making fulfillment a pillar of corporate transparency.

It may seem that small- to mid-sized beauty brands can’t compete with the vast resources of Amazon, which now touts one- and two-day shipping to the more than 100 million members of its Prime free-shipping club.