How Luxury Brands Can Maintain Brand Status While Delivering 1:1 Customer Experiences At Scale

Learn the Latest Customer Experience Strategies For Luxury Brands That Make Truly Seamless 1:1 Personal Interactions Possible Online and Offline

Sellers must take advantage of these trends to deliver bespoke, elite experiences across touchpoints at scale alongside maintaining an aura of exclusivity while catering to the social media masses that represent the next generation of luxury buyers. To achieve this goal, merchants must recreate concierge selling for a new era by putting the customer experience squarely at the center of every interaction, throughout the customer lifecycle.

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luxury brands use cx automation maintain brand status

The Rise of AI Automation and eCommerce Have Presented New Opportunities to Luxury Brands

Translating intimate, exclusive shopping experiences into online transactions initially proved tricky for brands reluctant to appear too accessible or mass-produced.

With more than half of all purchases now influenced by the Internet, luxury sellers can no longer rely exclusively on stores to pique interest in their offerings.

In This Guide We Discuss:


How to capture the imagination with cutting-edge brand experiences

Brands that stay focused on delivering unique, wholly individualized customer experiences can differentiate themselves, engage shoppers, and encourage them to move from window shopping to serious consideration and eventual sales.


How to Present Curated, Custom Assortments and Content

Once shoppers have been enticed to enter into a dialogue, brands must live up to the promise of intimate exclusivity by delivering highly relevant recommendations for products that are one-of-a-kind.


How to proactively serve customers from the “buy” button onwards

By staying in touch with buyers throughout the fulfillment process, especially for bespoke buyers whose items may require long production times, and offering new opportunities for re-engagement, brands can demonstrate lasting relevance.


How premier 1:1 service is the cornerstone to luxury growth

By delivering white-glove services at every stage of the customer lifecycle with blended online/offline and human/AI-driven experiences, brands can build lasting connections that not only spur sales, but drive lifetime loyalty.

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Buying Assistance

Automated Buying Assistance For Seamless Purchasing

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Post Purchase

Automated Post-Purchase Self Service For Greater Brand Loyalty and Overall Lifetime Value

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Customer Retention

Retain and Engage Your Loyal Customers

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