CX Playbook: How to Build An Automation First CX Strategy

Customer Expectations Around CX Have Been Growing Year Over Year and They Show No Signs of Slowing Down

In this guide you will learn how to build a customer experience (CX) automation strategy that will deliver results in 2021 post Covid-19 Pandemic.

Customers expect responses to their inquiries in real time on the channel of their choice. They expect end-to-end order tracking and a fully automated return process. They expect brands to be responsive, intuitive, personalized and unobtrusive in their communications. CX automation, with its always-on ability to leverage customer data and past behavior to create seamless cross-channel interactions delivers on these expectations.

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how to build cx automation strategy

We Unpack How and Why You Should Be Focused on Developing an Automation-First CX Strategy Within Your Organization


What is CX and CX Automation?

In the Playbook We Break Down What Customer Experience (CX) Means and the Advantages Automation Brings to Retailers Who Want to Scale Their Customer Engagement Channels.


Why the Need for Retailers and Brands to Go Automation-First

Brands may dabble with on-site webchat or post-purchase order tracking, but stop short of committing to fully embracing automation as the foundation of their customer engagement, which means that they’re missing out on the myriad competitive benefits that come from building a forward-thinking automation-first strategy instead of settling for a sub-optimal piecemeal approach.


How To Scope An Automation-First CX Strategy

Developing a winning automation-first CX strategy might sound daunting, but the process doesn’t have to be if you approach it with an intelligent and open mind. To ensure that you’re setting your organization up for success, you need to keep several best practices in mind.


Creating the CX Mindset - Building in Flexibility

Outstanding CX doesn’t happen by luck or accident or by simply proclaiming your customer obsession to the world. It requires an ongoing commitment to deeply understanding your customers and to thoughtfully and meticulously create an entire journey’s worth of interactions that are tailored to their individual needs.