Your CX Playbook: How to Build an Automation First CX Strategy

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We believe automation holds the key to differentiating those brands that are truly serious about customer experience (CX) from those that just talk the talk.

For a brand to say that it’s customer-driven, customer-focused or customer-obsessed has almost become a cliche.

Beyond a tagline or a talking point in an annual report, what can retailers do to truly connect with customers day in and day out and future-proof their brand against industry disruptions and shifting customer expectations?

In this playbook, we’ll unpack how and why you should be focused on developing an automation-first CX strategy within your organization.

Over the next few posts we will be discussing what brands can do to build an automation-first CX strategy. This first post covers the basics of CX and gives the background for why you should automate.

Future posts will go into the key strategies and tactics for making these strategies actionable. First lets go over the basics of building a CX strategy.

What is CX?

Customer Experience (CX) is the entirety of your customers’ engagements with exposure to your brand and how that affects their perception of you. It’s a holistic concept that ties together every shopper touch-point across the customer journey, viewing and assessing them collectively as opposed to categorizing them as a series of discrete interactions that can be optimized individually. Investing in creating exceptional CX increases customer loyalty and retention, builds greater customer lifetime value, and drives better word-of-mouth and referrals. You can’t grow your bottom line without it.

What is CX Automation?

CX automation is a broad term that encompasses all of the ways that commerce-trained AI can be leveraged to provide high-quality service, support, and guidance to your customers as they interact with your brand across the channels of their choice.

Often, we think of automation as a “set it and forget it” option like automated bill payments and investments, “smart” home thermostats, self-driving cars that allows us to put a process in place and then largely leave it untouched to hum along in the background.

This mindset doesn’t work for CX automation.

Instead, CX automation requires a dynamic strategic approach that can be continually refined based on customer data, changing customer expectations, and the emergence or decline of particular channels.

Just as your automation technology platform gets smarter as it’s exposed to a greater volume of customer interactions, your automation-first CX strategy (and your entire organization) should get smarter as you scale and optimize it to deliver the most intuitive, fluid, useful interactions possible.

If you are interested in learning more about CX Automation and specifically, how you can quickly implement an easy to use conversational AI experience as part of your CX strategy, tailored to your brand,  please visit our website to learn more.

You can download our complete Guide to Building a CX Automation Strategy Here:


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How to Build an Automation First CX Strategy

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