How To Scope Your Automation-First CX Strategy

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Scoping Your Customer Experience Automation Strategy is the Focus of This Article

Developing a winning automation-first CX strategy might sound daunting, but the process doesn’t have to be if you approach it with an intelligent and open mind.

The focus of our previous posts have been excerpts from the CX Playbook: How to Scope a CX Automation First Strategy

In this article we are working through how to scope your automation strategy to ensure that you’re setting your organization up for success, you will need to keep the following best practices in mind;

1. Understand Your Customers Behavior

A deep understanding of who your customers are, how they interact with your brand and how they want to interact with your brand is vital to developing a successful automation-first CX strategy.

Questions you need to ask (and answer) include:

Demographics Questions

  • Who are your target customer segments?
  • How does each customer segment use technology in their daily lives?
  • On what devices are they interacting with your content?

Product Questions

  • How are customers discovering your products?
  • Which search terms are they using to find specific products?

Current Customer Journey Process

  • What does the current customer journey look like for your customer segments?
  • How many interactions does the average customer have across their journey?
  • What are the current physical and digital touchpoints you have in place across the journey?

Post-Purchase Customer Intent

  • What are the most common post-purchase questions you’re being asked?
  • How are you currently soliciting feedback from customers?
  • What are the most common pain points around shopping with you that they’re sharing

Know Your Competitions CX Offerings

  • What types of CX automation are your competitors leveraging?
  • What about leaders in your industry?

Implementation and Evaluation

  • Based on your needs, resources and desired implementation timeline, does it make more sense to build or to buy a CX automation solution?
  • If you choose to buy, how will you evaluate vendors and their offerings?
  • What KPIs will you measure and how will you evaluate the ROI of your strategy?


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