Key Strategies For Embracing CX in Your Organization

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key strategies for embracing cx in your company

Understanding and Embracing CX Across the Organization

The Past Year Has Been a Wake-Up Call About the Vital Need to Invest in a Digital-First Future, Scaling CX to Deliver Best-in-Class Interactions.

But how do we do that?

Effective CX relies on cross-functionality to deliver the best experience for your shoppers.

Sales, marketing, customer support, inventory management and logistics need to be integrated and feeding each other information, so that the end user, your customer, is delivered intelligent, holistic interactions that leverages all of the individual pieces of data you have about them that reside in different corners of your organization.

Successful CX requires baked-in cross-functional collaboration and a shared understanding that the customer is at the center of each team’s work.

Scaling CX is an org-wide effort and shouldn’t fall exclusively on the shoulders of your customer-facing teams.

 Be Choosy About Channels

Choosing the right channels to scale can save you in lost time, revenue and potential customer loss while integrating a new automation platform.

Build your scalable CX strategy with both flexibility and forethought.

As consumer preferences for specific channels and devices change, you want to be able to adapt your CX approach to match their new behaviors and to have a customer care tech stack in place that can flex to meet new expectations.

To the degree possible, you want to be channel-agnostic.

Maximize your ability to be responsive to the needs of your customers with the shortest possible learning curve and lag time. At the same time, you want to avoid spreading resources too thin, optimizing your CX for channels that don’t make sense for your target market or building your strategy around platforms that may not be relevant in 18 months.

Start Small-ish

You want to scale quickly but you also want to avoid costly mistakes.

Course corrections along the way can be hard to come back from depending on the types of mistakes made in the automation process.

Start scaling CX efforts across proven channels and expand your usage to cover the entirety of the customer journey as you gain experience and are able to leverage lessons learned.

It only takes one negative customer experience to drive down the stellar reputation you’ve worked hard for.

An example of scaling small-ish:

You might initially focus on on-site webchat or automating your post-purchase order tracking process depending on the most immediate opportunity (or gap) within your current CX.

While the temptation might be to try to go from zero to 60 right out of the gate, it pays to take a more modest phased approach with clear metrics in place for measuring success at each milestone.

Scaling your CX to be the best it can be is a marathon, not a sprint.

Automate the Customer Purchasing Journey

Leverage the power of intelligent chatbots powering SMS exchanges.
AI-driven on-site live chat and voice assistant order lookups. Automation allows you to scale your CX efficiently and effectively, helping you do more and do it better.

When it comes to implementing CX automation you have a choice to make.

The choice is between building it in-house or outsourcing to a vendor. For most brands looking to move quickly and without specialized, dedicated engineering resources, it makes the most sense to outsource, but not all CX automation vendors are created equal.

Look for one that uses ecommerce-trained AI, is continually scaling to new channels and adding new skills and whose data is accessible to all relevant teams and can be integrated into your single customer view.

What you don’t want is an off-the-shelf solution.

Mastering customer experience automation is unique to each retailer or brand. Although many features come out of the box ready to go, there are still customization’s and on-boarding processes that make the automation process seamless and headache free.

You don’t want or need an automation solution that solves for only a single channel and provides silo data that isn’t shareable across the organization.

You want a strategic partner whose platform and strategy can scale with your brand and offer feature rich natural language technology to get the most out of your CX strategy across the organization.


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