Linc’s CX Automation Solution Available in Kustomer App Marketplace

Deliver Holistic Best-In-Class Customer Service

Linc’s leading CX Automation solution has been added to the top-rated CRM Kustomer’s App Marketplace.

Kustomer’s leading enterprise retailers and disruptor brands will also gain simplified and streamlined access to Linc’s CX Automation solutions, which rapidly resolve complex e-Commerce use cases through pre-built and extensible Digital Workers.

Linc provides high-fidelity digital workers that can resolve over 300+ common use cases, offload over 85% of customer inquiries from the contact center and reduce support costs. These use cases cover consultative selling, buying assistance, post-purchase order support, and customer retention, ensuring the entire customer journey is covered, aligning with Kustomer’s commitment to modernizing and unifying omnichannel operations.

This new integration fosters a closer connection between AI and live customer service agents to empower brands to deliver best-in-class customer service.

With Linc’s Customer Experience – CX Automation Solution powered by AI-automated Digital Workers you can seamlessly collaborate with your human live agents to deliver holistic, best-in-class customer service.

Linc’s solution provides 24/7 on-demand automated support across all conversational channels, acting as first responders to the most common ecommerce use cases and provides a seamless hand-off to contact center professionals so they can focus on the issues and inquiries only they can resolve.

Key Benefits of Utilizing the Linc Solution for Kustomer Companies Include

Customer Support Inquiries Off-loaded By 85 Percent

Providing end-to-end customer experience support and operational efficiency from a single vendor

Customer Support Inquiries Off-loaded By 85 Percent
Minimizing friction and long wait-times by rapidly solving complex, high-fidelity use cases through automation
Customer Support Inquiries Off-loaded By 85 Percent
Delivering seamless, branded post-purchase experiences that help drive additional revenue, reduce WISMO calls, increase loyalty and delight customers regardless of channel
Customer Support Inquiries Off-loaded By 85 Percent
Providing real-time assistance to customers’ critical buying questions, leading to an increase of sales conversions
Customer Support Inquiries Off-loaded By 85 Percent
Reducing the amount of customer service inquiries, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and reducing costs
Customer Support Inquiries Off-loaded By 85 Percent
Providing the ability to extensively integrate with leading eCommerce platforms, ESPs, shipping carriers and customer support platforms used by enterprise brands

Linc CX Automation Solutions

Linc’s Digital Workers are highly nuanced and provide best-in-class solutions for offloading customer interactions without the need for live agents, thereby reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Holistic Post-Purchase Order Support

Going beyond post-fulfillment, this digital worker encompasses pre-fulfillment inquiries such as order modifications and cancellations. In addition, this digital worker proactively updates the buyer from the moment a purchase is made with real-time tracking, provides streamlined return and exchange services, and intuitively recommends products based on past purchases.

Consultative Selling

The consultative selling digital worker provides support for pre-purchase sales by delivering a tailored shopping experience at the individual level with concierge-like services (such as finding the right product and recommendations) and providing answers to complex product detail inquires during the research-before-you-buy process.

Buying Assistance

The buying assistance digital worker assists with identifying and applying active promotions and answering promo code-specific questions to reduce cart abandonment. This digital worker also provides product and store locations as well as insight into store inventory and product availability.

Customer Retention and Loyalty

This digital worker drives auto-delivery and subscription awareness to increase sign-ups, resolves loyalty and membership inquiries, and provides fast warranty registration and claim resolution. 

Linc Global Customer Service Automation Software

About Linc.

Linc is a premier CX Automation solution built for modern enterprise retailers and disruptor brands, to rapidly solve complex, high fidelity, eCommerce use cases through built-in Digital Workers, offloading 85% + of the Customer Experience across all conversational channels.  Linc’s platform empowers leading brands like Kimberly Clark, Carter’s | Oshkosh, Levi’s, Vineyard Vines and PacSun to deliver anywhere-engagement and real-time services across the entire customer journey. For more information please visit:

About Kustomer.

Kustomer is a top-rated CRM, helping top brands deliver modern customer service that creates customers for life. Through AI-powered automation, Kustomer scales to meet the needs of contact centers and businesses, enabling companies to deliver effortless, consistent and personalized service and support through a single timeline view. Today, Kustomer is the core platform of some of the leading customer service brands like Ring, Glovo, Glossier and Sweetgreen. For more information please visit:

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