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promotions support digital worker linc new feature

Automate Over 90% of Promotions Related Support Inquiries With the New Linc ‘Promotion Support Digital Worker’

With the unprecedented website traffic to eCommerce sites, shipping logistics, site issues and promotion questions are already proving to be the greatest questions facing retailers and their customer service organizations.

In fact, data from our platform from this year’s holiday shopping season showed that promotion support is the most common inquiry type following order-specific related questions.

On Black Friday alone, ‘promotion-issue related questions’, ranked second beneath “change shipping address” questions, demonstrating the need to seamlessly resolve these types of issues and queries.

Because of this, we have just announced the launch of our new Promotion Support Digital Worker, which provides immediate resolution of promo code specific questions directly from within the chat experience.

This new digital worker is the only digital worker in the market using automation to resolve promotion specific issues at consumers’ critical buying points.


linc automated promotion support digital worker


What is a Promotions Support Digital Worker?

This digital worker guides the customer throughout the inquiry process all the way through final checkout, ensuring sales are not lost due to confusion around promotions.

The digital worker is offer-code specific and can assist with common promotion support questions such as:

  • When will the offer expire?
  • Can this coupon be applied in store?
  • Can this promotion be applied with other offers?
  • Can this offer be used on sales items?
  • Why won”t this promotion work on this product?



what is linc ai promotions support digital worker


This new digital worker, combined with our promotion intelligence digital worker, seamlessly resolves user promotion issues while also deflecting calls from the contact center, ensuring consumers get the value they expect.


linc automated digital promotions worker resolves customer issues efficiently


This leads to reduced frustration, increased satisfaction, and incremental loyalty and value for retailers among their customers.

Last year, we announced our promotion intelligence digital worker, which allowed customers to receive quick and easy answers regarding promotions availability.

This means consumers get immediate resolution at any given time from wherever they are. And, for the fraction of the time (typically less than 10% of engagements) when a live agent is needed, Linc seamlessly escalates to the retailer/brand’s contact center based on the consumers’ intent.

How Long Does the Implementation Process Take?

Our new promotion support digital worker is available through all conversational messaging channels such as webchat, SMS, Facebook, Whatsapp, Google Business Messaging, and Voice Channels such as Alexa and Google Assistant and can be implemented within weeks.

To learn more about Linc’s promotion support digital worker, please contact us today.

Read the entire press release at: Business Wire

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