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Leveraging Linc Global’s Customer Care Automation Platform, PacSun offers proactive SMS notifications on order status and automates returns to enhance their customer care experience.

PacSun, a retail clothing brand rooted in the youth-oriented culture and lifestyle of California looked to  Linc Global, the industry leader in Customer Care Automation to enhance their customer care experience. As a long-time leader in their industry, they realized the need for an automated and effective way for their customers to engage with them in order to gain loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Doug Pearce, Sr. Manager of Ecommerce and Customer Service explains the goals for their project, “We were looking for better ways to engage with our shoppers post purchase and enable them to get on demand answers to frequent inquiries in order to lessen the burden on our CS agents.”

PacSun serves primarily a younger demographic and wanted to leverage more conversational channels such as SMS to better engage with their clientele.

Linc Global’s technology addressed their core business driver: streamline the shopping experience and make it easier for their customers to get the help they are looking for immediately.

PacSun partnered with Linc because of their proven ability to drive better engagement and higher opt in rates than competing solutions, allowing them to leverage the utility value of tracking a package to drive engagement with their shoppers after a purchase.

While PacSun currently leverages Linc’s conventional channels such as SMS and Email to automate customer care inquiries, Linc’s platform also offers the opportunity to expand automated services in the future across channels such as Facebook Messenger and Voice (Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant) so they can continue to meet their shoppers on the channels they prefer as their customer care strategy evolves.

Since launch, PacSun has realized the below benefits from the Linc’s platform:

  • Increased engagement. 33% of all their shoppers opt-in for SMS notifications on delivery status. This allows their shoppers to receive proactive updates on their order, in their channel of choice, reducing calls to their customer service team.
  • Enhanced returns processing. Linc powers self-service returns for their shoppers and PacSun is able to view return reasons, allowing the brand to continue to enhance their strategy and reduce overall return rate.
  • Revenue generation. Driven by Linc’s recommendation engine, customers are presented with recommended products at the right moment, based on their purchase history rather than browser history which drives a higher conversion rate. (2% within a 24-hour window.) This allowed PacSun to generate $131,000 of net new revenue over the past year.
  • Increased shopper loyalty. PacSun has increased shopper loyalty for the shoppers who go through the Linc experience. When reviewing the metrics PacSun noted that shoppers who “opt-in” for proactive notifications have a higher lifetime value than those who do not.
  • Improved customer experience and satisfaction. Customers are kept informed throughout the order fulfillment process with proactive updates and on-demand service. Additionally, PacSun is able to collect shopper’s feedback on the delivery process which has allowed them to continue to enhance their overall digital experience.

“We realized the need of our customers to receive quick and easily accessible communications and answers on the channels they prefer.  We partnered with Linc because of their ability to provide this and drive engagement with our shoppers after a purchase, as well as, help automate basic tasks to lessen the burden on our Customer Service agents. We’re excited to see how Linc has evolved their platform since we initially formed our partnership and look forward to leveraging more of their functionality in the near future,” says  Doug Pearce, Sr. Manager of Ecommerce and Customer Service.

“Shoppers today expect real-time communication, on channels they find the most convenient, and today’s leading brands differentiate themselves on customer experience and service. PacSun has positioned itself on the forefront by creating a seamless customer experience that builds a meaningful connection through real-time assistance,” said Fang Cheng, CEO, Linc Global. “Using Linc’s platform, PacSun has seen great benefits thus far and we look forward to continuing to grow our partnership with this great brand.”

For more information about Linc Global’s customer care automation platform, visit www.letslinc.com.

About PacSun

Pacific Sunwear of California Inc., branded as PacSun, is a United States-based retail clothing brand rooted in the youth oriented culture and lifestyle of California. The company sells lifestyle apparel, along with footwear and accessories designed for teens and young adults.

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