Linc Fireside Chat

How Pampered Chef Emerged to Win With CX Automation

In this Fireside Chat, Pampered Chef Vice-President of Customer Experience and Innovation, Shiv Dutt, and Durk Stelter, Chief Revenue Officer of Linc Global, discuss the success Pampered Chef has found since implementing Linc’s award-winning CX automation solutions into their customer experience strategy.

“Linc allowed us to create a more integrated and more seamless experience, everything from post purchase order support for our customers at the point of Checkout, to the email flows that followed through the chat bot that was enabled. Linc created an integrated and seamless customer journey, all the way from checkout to the point at which the order arrived at our customer’s home. Before implementing Linc, consumer complaints and CSAT scores were our top issues, now – it doesn’t even make our weekly concerns list.”

~Shiv Dutt, VP Customer Experience & Innovation | Pampered Chef

In this webinar, you will learn:


Why a best-in-class customer experience is a key competitive differentiator

How to prioritize which aspects of your customer experience you should automate
Which conversational channels you should be focusing on

Key results and success Pampered Chef have found since automating their customer experience

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shiv dutt pampered chef

Shiv Dutt

VP Customer Experience & Innovation | Pampered Chef

Shiv is in-charge of driving business transformation by diversifying the go-to-market strategy, leveraging digital solutions and innovating alternative business models to super-charge revenue and profitability growth. Shiv is a cross-functional leader with a background in Sales, Marketing, and Product Development. He has worked in several industries including Manufacturing, Retail, Technology, and Consumer Goods.

durk stelter cro linc global

Durk Stelter

Chief Revenue Officer | Linc Global

As the Chief Revenue Officer for Linc Global Durk is responsible for everything that faces Linc’s customers.These include sales and marketing, customer success, and delivery. Durk comes from a cross-functional background in product management, product development and engineering operations playing key roles in enterprise brand startups in customer experience automation, including his own. Durk is an industry expert and early pioneer in customer experience automation, working with systems dating back to voicemail and Ivy. Durk has spent the last five years working with enterprise businesses across 17 different circles including finance, insurance, pharma, hospitality, consumer brands and retail.