Revolutionary Chat
and Voice Assistance.

The Botlet Framework offers the context, data and AI
you need to create customized automation.

Revolutionary Chat
and Voice Assistance.

The Botlet Framework offers the context, data and AI you need to create customized automation.

Push The Boundaries of Automation
on Conversational Channels


Go beyond essential customer care automation and create innovative customer service and engagement moments throughout the entire customer journey. Linc’d brands avoid the common roadblocks experienced when developing custom automation, and make innovative ideas a reality.

  • Facebook Messenger – Offer your customer help, new content, advice and expertise. Connect with membership, appointment, loyalty or CRM systems to create real-time customer assistance.
  • Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa – Use voice platforms to establish new branded moments with your customer, and give them real-time resolution to questions in seconds.

Linc’s foundations overcome the biggest challenges to make intelligent, custom automation possible.

Contextual Understanding

Linc’s platform builds a deep understanding of the customer’s context, using real-time order and customer service status to resolve inquiries and provide contextual product recommendations.

Robust Single
Customer Profile

Linc combines data that usually sits in multiple systems including CRM, OMS, ERP and social profiles, and puts it into action in real-time conversations using interaction history data.

Purpose-Built Technology

Linc takes conversations beyond simple answers by using specialized AI, natural language understanding, product comprehension and pre-built integrations into the ecommerce ecosystem.

Advanced Automation Without The Challenges

Launch unique interactions on chat and voice platforms without the burden and overhead of custom development.

Linc’s Botlet Framework offers the ability to create customized interactions and expand automation using the platform’s unique features:

  • Contextual understanding of the customer – their preferences, real-time purchase status, and customer service status
  • Robust single customer profile with dozens of available datapoints including order history, interactions, and social profiles
  • Commerce-specialized AI, natural language understanding, workflows, and conversation management
  • Sentiment and interaction analysis
  • APIs that enable advanced integrations
  • Scalable infrastructure built for retail

Differentiate your brand with unique content,
expertise and exceptional service

Using the Botlet Framework, you can share content and expertise in a conversation, offer tailored assistance to resolve complex inquiries, and create additional engagement moments. Examples include Pre-Purchase, Purchase and Post-Purchase use cases.



Abandoned Cart
Coupon Share
Find a Store
Branded Audio



Product Matchmaker
Product Configuration
Bundle Assistance
Purchase FAQs



Omnichannel Notifications
Loyalty Reminders
How-To Content
Membership Management

“With Linc’s new Botlet Framework we have been able to create an innovative customer care experience and further optimize our workflows and operational efficiencies.”

Anna Pettus
VP Strategic Operations, TechStyle Fashion Group

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