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Successful brands differentiate on services and experience. Linc’s modular architecture offers powerful extensibility to go beyond pre-built services.

Using specialized Botlets and robust APIs, brands can turn their unique expertise and services into seamless automated assistance that delights customers and stands out from competitors.

"Linc allowed us to immediately see a return on investment. The bot capabilities allow us to provide customers with excellent service"
Anna Pettus
VP Strategic Global Operations, TechStyle Fashion Group

Create custom, seamless automated
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TechStyle automates over 90% of customer assistance

With a member-based ecommerce model, customer satisfaction is key.

Millions of members want to get the most from their membership, and TechStyle Fashion Group recognized that and could offer assistance that goes beyond pre-built services, to cover additional requests, and drive automation of inquiries beyond 90%.

Using Linc’s Botlet Framework, TechStyle brought their existing business logic into a seamless, automated experience in Facebook Messenger. By using an API connection to their membership management platform, TechStyle can now offers customers immediate help with membership questions and changes, while saving membership cancellations using the same data and workflows a live agent would use, including making updates to systems of record in real-time.

Customer service speed and availability has created greater customer satisfaction, and reduced service costs for TechStyle, with just 8% of inquiries needing to go to live agents.

Carter's drives in-store traffic

As busy Moms shop with Carter’s, convenience is the priority.

Omnichannel options gives customers the power to choose how they receive their order, including in-store pickup. This drives store traffic and leads to additional purchases, and for shoppers it means they can make a convenient stop during their day.

Carter’s used Linc’s Botlet Framework to bring more timely and convenient updates to shoppers, offering both SMS and Facebook Messenger as an option. Using an API connection to their ecommerce platform, Carter’s now gives shoppers real time notifications when orders are ready to be picked up in-store.

Offering these updates in channels other than email makes pick-up more convenient for customers, drives in-store traffic and upsell, and improves customer satisfaction.

Pura Vida Bracelets acquires new customers for 12x less than PPC

Building a customer base via social channels has given Pura Vida Bracelets incredible growth.

With millions of followers on Facebook and Instagram, Pura Vida has built an audience that has high engagement rates and conversions, and continues to expand rapidly. Pura Vida recognized that Messenger was not just an opportunity for pre-built automated customer services, but also a great channel to leverage for customer acquisition.

With Linc’s Botlet Framework, Pura Vida provides a special referral coupon to customers who have a positive service experience. It can be shared directly to friends via Messenger, inand is offered right when a customer is in the perfect frame of mind to tell friends about how much they like the brand, and the products.

Customers are sharing a great deal with friends, and Pura Vida is seeing an extremely low-cost channel of customer acquisition, at 12x less cost than PPC.

Carter's increases the impact of their loyalty program

Loyal customers are a foundation for Carter’s, and keeping them happy keeps them coming back.

Having made substantial continued investments into their loyalty program, Carter’s recognized that the more convenient and available their program, the more their customers would engage, and come back to purchase again.

Carter’s recognized that using email alone wasn’t giving them the full potential impact, and extending into Messenger would increase engagement, and reduce service costs relating to loyalty inquiries.

Using Linc’s Botlet Framework, Carter’s now offers customers notification reminders and answers to loyalty program questions on Facebook Messenger.

Shoppers get the information they are looking for, in real time, and can get on with their busy day, and Carter’s sees additional engagement from customers, leading to additional purchases.

Add unlimited skills with modular Botlets

Your branded assistant can keep adding new skills. From membership support to product support, style assistance and more. There is no limit on how you extend the capabilities. Linc’s platform has a modular architecture featuring a Master Bot that controls single-purpose Botlets.

Linc's platform provides the best tools to create seamless services and experiences

The richest on-platform data and contextual understanding of the customer.

Over 200 attributes about your customer and their needs, ready to use.

Build sophisticated automated services that use data-driven real-time decision making. Unique to Linc’s platform, the unified customer profile and contextual understanding gives brands the ability to create services and experiences that would otherwise require cross-department IT and data integration projects, and complex custom development.

Commerce-specialized natural language understanding.

Purpose-built natural language understanding that understands how people talk about products and shopping.

Linc combines state of the art Natural Language Understanding techniques with commerce-specialized data and entity extraction to achieve the best performance in the market today.

Built-in Commerce Services.

Offer customers highly personal and customized service experiences without building common services.

Linc’s platform has built-in service engines covering over 70% of the most common use-cases. These not only enable Linc to offer market-leading automation out-of-the-box, they are also available for Linc’d brands to build powerful actions into their unique services without having to manage additional ecosystem integrations.

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