CX Automation: State of the Retail Industry Post Covid-19

No Segment of the Retail Industry Has Remained Untouched By COVID-19

We’ve seen venerable brands declare bankruptcy. We’ve seen online shopping grow exponentially as customers shelter in place and we’ve seen predictions that the coronavirus might be what finally kills the American shopping mall. Post-pandemic, inefficient, cumbersome ordering and return processes, spotty customer service, poor communication and lack of efforts to win customer loyalty at every opportunity will be a death knell for certain brands. Brands that automated customer experience early will do well in this time. The culling of the herd has already started and it will continue.

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What Do Your Customers Care About Right Now?

Among the consumer priorities identified by analyst firm Gartner in a survey on consumer sentiment during the pandemic, survey respondents ranked these concerns as some of their major worries.

  • price increases,
  • product availability,
  • the safety of frequenting bricks and mortar locations,
  • and the potential for their favorite local stores to go out of business

Customers are hungry for information, insight and reassurance from retailers as they navigate a “new normal” of:

In this report, we’ll take a look at what we’re seeing as the dominant CX automation trends affecting retailers, both thriving and surviving.

  • store closures,
  • increased online ordering,
  • protracted shipping times and
  • product shortages alongside the
  • major disruptions to their professional and personal lives and, in some cases, their health and that of their families.