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Sophisticated CRM Now at the Core of Customer Success

Technology researcher Forrester predicts that 25 percent of businesses will achieve significant customer experience gains in the coming year following the organizational shock of the pandemic, according to Durk Stelter, chief revenue officer of Linc Global. Teams that evaluate their crisis response and implement digital and omnichannel strategies to address gaps will recover their stride quickly.
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Levi’s Offers 24/7 Customer Service With Google Messaging Platform

Levi’s worked with Linc Global to set up Google Business Messages on Google Maps for five and then 50, stores, before expanding to more than 200 stores. The company discovered that Google Business Messages brought in customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores of over 85%, and drove 30 times more store-related questions than its proprietary onsite web chat.

Linc Launches Tool to Help Retailers Facilitate E-commerce Subscriptions.

Linc has announced the launch of the Auto-Delivery Digital Worker, a new service on its customer experience automation platform that enables retailers to increase subscriptions. Combining notification and automated chat functionalities, the Auto-Delivery Digital Worker informs customers which items are eligible for auto-delivery and facilitates subscription sign-ups and modifications.

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Linc CEO Fang Cheng Identifies the Missing Links in Retailers’ Omnichannel Capabilities

“Even as things start improving and store reopening are happening, digital interactions for customer support are at an elevated level, and they bring new challenges. The reopening can also be confusing because some regions open first and others don’t. In some cases they have to reverse course. There’s a lot of uneven service topologies that are forcing retailers to be dynamic in how they respond.”
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Linc Launches New Auto-Delivery Digital Worker to Help Retailers Seamlessly Facilitate Auto-Delivery Subscriptions

Linc Auto-Delivery Digital Worker uniquely combines notification and automated chat functionalities to intuitively manage a customer’s subscription needs. Personalized, conversational assistance guides shoppers to sign-up and schedule their deliveries based on their needs and provides ongoing updates and reminders through regular touch-points.


Customer Experience: Sophisticated CRM Now at the Core of Customer Success

“Teams that evaluate their crisis response and implement digital and omnichannel strategies to address gaps will recover their stride quickly. They are likely to find that consolidating and unifying around the right technologies will result in cost reduction and increased customer satisfaction.” Durk Stelter, CRO | Linc Global


Best Practices For Automating Your Promo Support

With an almost 70% cart abandonment rate across industries, ecommerce retailers are losing billions of dollars when frustrated shoppers jump ship during the purchase process. A sale is not a sale until the final checkout button is clicked and it’s the retailer’s job to make the path to that action as smooth as possible. One of the big roadblocks to a seamless transaction is promo support.

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Linc Launches New Omnichannel Pickup Assistance & Orchestration Digital Worker

Best-In-Class Order Support Solution

With the new feature, brands and retailers can achieve true omnichannel engagement and seamlessly send automated notifications and create effective 2-way communication for all fulfillment options including BOPIS, Curbside, BOSS and other channels.

Total Retail Linc AI is Reshaping Customer Experience Automation

The Key Trends Reshaping CX in a Post-COVID Era

From small local boutiques to iconic department stores, no corner of the retail sector has been untouched by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the separation between winners and losers has never been so stark. For every mall chain declaring bankruptcy, there’s a competitor that’s quickly responded to the new normal and is reaping the revenue benefits.

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Linc Launches Omnichannel Pickup Assistance and Orchestration Digital Worker

“We empathize with the mountain of challenges our retail partners have faced the past year and are committed to develop solutions that enable them to deliver excellent customer experiences. Our goal with the Omnichannel Pickup Assistance Digital Worker is to help them effectively equip their customers with the information they need for getting their orders as seamlessly as possible.”


New Customer Experience Needs and Commerce Trends for 2021

As consumers get comfortable with their newfound digital wallets and gift cards, marketers must continue to adapt their strategies to changes in shopping behavior to better finesse the customer experience. Both consumers and vendors have had non-stop adjustments. Lockdowns and social distancing requirements accelerated the adoption of new technologies.

Think Tank: Finding Your Brand’s Voice in the Age of Digital Assistants

“A majority of consumers that have bought voice assistants say there’s no way they would want to go back to their life before voice. The opportunity is real, but only for brands willing to step outside their traditional mind-set. Customers are ready and willing to build new habits and will be delighted by the services that can be offered through these familiar devices they use each day.”


Linc Launches New Omnichannel Pickup Assistance & Orchestration Digital Worker to Provide a Best-In-Class Order Support Solution

With the new feature, brands and retailers can achieve true omnichannel engagement and seamlessly send automated notifications and create effective 2-way communication for all fulfillment options including BOPIS, Curbside, BOSS and other channels.


Linc Launches It’s New Real-Time Promotion Support Digital Worker

Support chatbots only answer generic questions about promotions. Linc’s promotional support delivers full resolution of the customer’s issues in real-time. The digital worker will guide the customer throughout the inquiry process through final checkout.


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Linc Wins 2021 BIG Innovation Award, Recognized for Success in CX Automation

Linc was recognized as one of the top technology products after demonstrating significant success in improving its customers’ CX initiatives. The company’s platform delivers best in class customer experience through automated experiences, at scale, across webchat, email, SMS, Facebook, Google’s Business Messaging, and Voice connected platforms.


Linc Launches It’s New Real-Time Promotion Support Digital Worker

Linc has announced its “Promotion Support Digital Worker,” a chatbot to resolve promo code questions at critical buying points. The Promotion Support Digital Worker builds upon Linc’s existing Promotion Finder Digital Worker, which launched last year, allowing users to discover and receive information about current promotions, ensuring sales are not lost.

Getting Tough On Returns is Hurting Retailers

“While retailers must figure out how to manage returns, getting overly tough with customers in such an environment could hurt their brand and impede opportunities to make the next sale, according to Linc VP of Marketing Luke Starbuck.”

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Linc Launches It’s New Real-Time Promotion Support Digital Worker

Linc, announced today, the launch of its Promotion Support Digital Worker, which provides immediate resolution of promo code specific questions directly from within the chat experience. This new digital worker on the Linc Platform, is the only digital worker in the market using automation to resolve promotion specific issues at consumers’ critical buying points.

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Get Immediate Resolution of Promo Code-Specific Questions

“The promotion support digital worker is the perfect solution for helping retailers to increase efficiency within their customer support centers and to free up more resources to handle only the most pressing issues.”

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Ralph Lauren Ramps Up Digital Investment Ahead of the Holidays

“The initial lockdown brought to light how many retailers had not invested properly in their e-commerce experience throughout the years,” said Durk Stelter, CRO of customer experience platform Linc. “Those investments should be coming to fruition now, and retailers should be starting to focus on the technology needed to provide the best-in-class customer experience.”

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The Second Covid-19 Spike is Forcing Retailers Like Foot Locker to Refocus on e-Commerce

“In order to continue growth, Foot Locker should be prioritizing the customer experience on its e-commerce site and allowing many different options such as buy online, pick-up in-store, ship-to-store and curbside availability so that their customers can easily find the product they need and receive the best order support possible.”

5 ways to utilize chatbots for a better customer experience

“An opted-in, highly engaged audience that enjoys real-time service from preferred brands will set the foundation for the ROI that businesses need to see.“

Perspectives: What AI Can, and Can’t, do for Retailers Today

Much of the buzz about the potential for artificial intelligence to transform retailing has little to do with reality. Here are some insights into how retailers can use AI today, and how to avoid getting sucked into hype-driven initiatives.

Pandemic-Driven Trends Reshaping Retail CX Strategy

Five Pandemic-Driven Trends Reshaping Retail CX Strategy

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended the retail sector. Amid the turmoil, there are several key CX trends that stand out, and a retailer’s ability to respond and adapt to them may mean the difference between thriving in a post-coronavirus world or becoming another corporate casualty of the pandemic.

Six Challenges You Need To Conquer To Effectively Deliver Automated Customer Care

“As Forrester and other industry analyst firms predict, developing digital-first customer experiences that leverage the power of customer care automation to provide the highly contextual assistance is what’s need to meet today’s customers demand.“

Think Tank: This Holiday, Retailers Say Hello to Voice Commerce

“…according to our recent study in partnership with BrandGarage, 87 percent of the 104 retail executives we surveyed plan to increase the use of AI to service their customers moving forward.” –Luke Starbuck, VP Marketing, Linc


Poor Customer Service Can Hinder Holiday Sales and Inflict Lasting Damage on the Company's Reputation

Peloton customers are furious over excessive order delays, and experts say lengthy wait times. “With so many delays continuing to occur, brands that do not prioritize their order support experience will lose loyal customers who will choose to purchase from those that have.”

The New Strategy For Lifetime Loyalty: Balancing ‘Products’ and Services’

“A company’s triumph in the modern “system” era depends more on customers’ experiences than how that company presents its brand. Consumers, then, shouldn’t have to decide between the “what” and the “how” of a brand: An engaging, interactive relationship is what’s needed to make customers feel that they’re a part of the organization.”

The four-part plan for ‘hiring’ the perfect AI customer service agent

“The interview with a customer service applicant is underway. After looking at skills and background, it’s time to determine whether the applicant will be a good fit. You’ve conducted hundreds of interviews before, but this one’s a little different — you’re interviewing an agent that could handle thousands of conversations simultaneously and respond to customers in a personal way, without delay.”

Panel Discussion: Retaining and acquiring customers using AI

“We’re using AI not only to support customers in their transactional needs — like ‘Where’s my package’ or ‘Can I return a product?’ But we’re also using [bots] to acquire them again,” says Aarde Cosseboom, of TechStyle Fashion Group. “Some of our customers [contact us] to cancel, and we actually retain them with our AI machine learning bots.”

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Six Ways Retailers Can Scale Their Business For The Holiday Shopping Season

Brands can’t depend on the traditional massive influx of foot traffic to bolster their bottom lines. That doesn’t mean deal hunters won’t be online in full force looking to score Black Friday and Cyber Monday bargains. Retailers need to be ready to scale their businesses for a different kind of holiday shopping season.

The Ridge maxes customer experience with AI

The Ridge, a digitally native online retailer of proprietary, streamlined carbon fiber products such as wallets, phone cases, and backpacks, has chosen Linc’s AI-powered platform to provide shoppers with a cohesive experience across the whole buying experience.

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How To Scale Your Retail Customer Care In The Face Of These Extraordinary Times

In my work helping businesses enhance and scale customer experience (CX), I’ve seen firsthand how the current pandemic is disrupting typical customer care practices and processes. Across industries, many brands are facing one of two scenarios right now.

Voice Commerce: User First, Channel Second

“When working with an emerging technology – like voice-activated AI, for example – it is easy to get one’s head turned by novelty. The experience itself is highly novel – not to mention unique, noted Luke Starbuck, vice president of marketing at Linc Global – because unlike other attempts at digital navigation, it is not centered on a screen.”

4 Steps for Integrating Customer Care Automation Into Your Marketing Strategy

The era of is over—and the time for automated, conversational communications has arrived. Today’s consumers expect more from their most loved brands, and companies must evolve to deliver real-time engagement that satisfies customer needs and wants.

It’s Time to Take the Friction Out of Returns

“Instead of trying to stop returns altogether, retailers need to spend their energy embracing the natural behavior of returning as an opportunity to increase engagement and customer loyalty.” –Luke Starbuck, VP Marketing, Linc


Retailers are struggling to attract seasonal workers for what experts anticipate will be a 'tough holiday season'

As retailers prepare for what will prove to be a turbulent holiday shopping season, some are finding difficulty recruiting seasonal workers due to fears surrounding the coronavirus.

How To Scale Your Retail Customer Care In The Face Of These Extraordinary Times

Whether your brand is flourishing or foundering in the current climate, the need for exceptional customer service is paramount, especially as consumers’ mindsets shift to emphasizing security and certainty.

3 Ways To Prepare Your E-Commerce Company Before A Potential Amazon Breakup

The effect Amazon’s stranglehold has had on competitors has not escaped the attention of higher-ups in government.

How Chatting on Social Media Could Bring Big Business Gains

 With mobile sales at their highest point in history, experts are recommending that retailers invest in a strong mobile channel in order to stay competitive.

How the New Silo-Less Organization is Creating a CX Evolution

The customer experience (CX) doesn’t start when the customer arrives. Internal processes, methods and data are the building blocks — and perhaps the limiters — on the quality of every customer experience. To deliver experiences that will win customers back time and time again, brands are digging deeper than polished scripts, perfected web pages and better-branded communications.

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Five Ways To Optimize And Enhance Two-Way Conversations With Your Customers

The way shoppers and brands interact has changed fundamentally in recent years, thanks to the rise of online shopping, social media and mobile usage. With the latest round of innovations, brands must literally engage in conversation with consumers — and deliver relevant, instantaneous two-way communication at scale.

How to Avoid Bias in Your AI Implementation

Instagram has long been a place for users to discover new brands through organic content and paid ads. Thanks to a new tool, users can now complete the entire customer journey without ever leaving the app.

Voice Might Be The Most Important Technology You invest In For 2020

Voice control is the next evolution of human-machine interaction, thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, data collection, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things.

How Instagram’s New Checkout Will Impact Retailer’s and Advertisers

In most circles, the word “bias” has obviously negative connotations. Regarding the media, it means news is slanted one way or another. In science, it means preconceived notions led to inaccurate conclusions.

Your Data Wont Get Results Without Context

In our digital world, customer centricity, the customer experience and personalization separate the winners from the losers. So it’s not a coincidence that the companies that invest in collecting customer data thrive.

Progressing from One-Way Notifications to Two-Way Conversations

Retailers are finally grasping the significance of automated customer-service platforms and are ready to unleash them on the world.

Facebook’s 24 + 1 policy and how it’s impacting brands

Incorporating the latest Messenger updates will help you drive business success

Here’s 3 Ways To Build a Following Like Apple’s

Many business leaders focus on acquiring new customers when trying to grow. Although that’s an important component, it’s even more critical to retain the ones you have and give them a connection to your brand. Yet too many companies neglect this key concept of customer loyalty.

How Autonomous AI Will Transform The Marketing Industry

In marketing today, artificial intelligence is a valuable assistant. But while AI is a useful tool when it comes to gathering and analyzing data, people are still superior when it comes to outside-the-box ideas. Because creativity is such a major element of marketing, autonomous AI has yet to be fully implemented.

And the winner of the latest Amazon-Best Buy deal is…

“Still, the Best Buy-Amazon partnership for Smart TV sales brings the companies closer than they had ever been before, according to Luke Starbuck, vice president of marketing at customer care automation platform Linc.”

The Evolution of Post-Purchase Solutions To Create a More Holistic Customer Journey

With the importance of customer experience (CX) firmly entrenched in their psyche, most successful retailers now understand that if they want to retain customers long term, they need to think about what happensafter shoppers hand over their credit card numbers.

Online health retailer gets real smart with AI-based customer interactions

“PureFormulas selected the Linc platform for its commerce-specialized natural language understanding, allowing the e-tailer to avoid the expense of developing a custom-built AI solution. Since launching AI-based, automated customer service, PureFormulas has seen increased customer engagement and conversions across more channels, improved customer experience as a result of instant order information and quicker resolution of questions, and heightened engagement from personalized recommendations and better access to customer data.”

These three powerful brands are tapping into a powerful differentiator – and you can too

“Rising consumer expectations and increases in advertising expenses are driving the cost of customer acquisition and conversion through the roof. In fact, one study found an average increase of 65 percent in the past five years. This makes it tougher to compete, as it often means a net loss on the first order, and many customers never return. In order to stand out and strengthen profit-boosting customer loyalty, modern brands are turning to value-added services and automation to create an exceptional customer experience.”

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