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Through Linc’s platform, CUTS Clothing now offers automated solutions for anywhere, anytime customer care and engagement

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – Mar 27, 2019 – Linc Global, the leading customer care automation solution powering digital experiences that strengthen brand-to-shopper relationships, today announced that CUTS Clothing, creator of the world’s most comfortable shirts for professionals, has implemented Linc’s AI-powered platform to offer shoppers more personalized and engaging communication on the conversational channels they prefer.

In today’s Direct to Consumer world, the customer is the lifeblood of a brand.  CUTS recognized the need to evolve with their customers desire for a personalized and engaging experience in order to build loyalty and drive brand engagement.  Providing customers with personalized service on updates and answers about orders, products, and services via new conversational channels means customers have easy access to the answers they need, turning one-time shoppers into lifetime buyers.

CUTS selected Linc for their ability to deliver a customer care automation solution that leverages the latest in AI (artificial intelligence) while providing automated assistance both pre and post purchase, which filled a gap in their overall customer experience. Additionally, CUTS saw that Linc had proven ability to enable brands to create a holistic and engaging customer experience across all channels and was a proven innovator in the customer care industry.

“With so many options to shop, your loyal customers are essential to the growth of your brand.  Customers today want instant answers both pre and post-purchase,” said Steven Borrelli, CEO, CUTS Clothing.

Creating a personalized experience is incredibly important to us.  We want to provide exceptional service and real-time updates and personalized recommendations from the time our customer sees an ad to the time the package arrives at their doorstep. The Linc platform allows us to provide our customers with an innovative and 1:1 experience with our customers while building loyalty and brand engagement.”

Linc’s platform enables CUTS to provide an exceptional experience for its customers through personalized order tracking and innovative and timely product recommendations. In addition, it gives CUTS a robust customer care solution to deliver a more personalized experience, plus the opportunity to expand to more automation in the future, as desired, into automated web chat, and voice channels.

“As the customer experience becomes the main pinnacle for driving customer loyalty, CUTS is at the forefront by evolving with customer behavior and offering an engaging experience that drives repeat purchasers,” said Fang Cheng, CEO, Linc Global. “We are excited CUTS chose Linc as their means for driving an engaging customer experience.  CUTS will see immediate benefits and be ready to easily add additional capabilities when desired through the Linc platform.”

About CUTS

CUTS was born to keep up with the modern male, “A cut for every occasion,” our mantra, provides young professionals with the flexibility and confidence to rock a premium and minimalist t-shirt that suits all occasions, as spontaneous as they may be. Wear shirts that fit, feel good and look good. For more information, visit

About Linc Global

Linc Global builds the most advanced commerce-specialized Customer Care Automation platform. Recognized as the Best AI Solution for Customer Service, the platform helps brands offer differentiating services and experiences using an automated assistant, via the channels customers prefer to use including SMS, Live chat, Chat apps, Voice assistants, web and email.

Serving and supporting millions of shoppers and billions in purchase volume, Linc’s solution is the platform of choice for leading brands including Carter’s | OshKosh, Greats, eBags, Thrive Market, Stein Mart, Lamps Plus,, Tarte Cosmetics, and P&G Shop, creating the engagement and loyalty brands strive to achieve, and delivering the cost savings and revenue needed today.

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