Prioritize Customer Service Automation to Navigate the Recovery

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One-to-One Customer Care is Critical Not Just in a Crisis, but for Rebuilding Sales and Earning Long-Term Loyalty

As retailers struggle to find their footing after weeks and in some cases, months of business disruption, providing solid customer service has never been more important. Investments in automated customer support are proving critical not only for accommodating volume surges during the crisis, but for long-term recovery, growth, and loyalty.

Even prior to the pandemic, the customer experience was rising to the fore as a prime differentiator for brands and a more sustainable one than competing on price.

Consumers are willing to pay for superior service: consulting firm PwC found shoppers are willing to spend up to 16% more for a positive customer experience, and 73% said the customer experience influences purchase decisions, beyond product quality and price.

For these reasons, four in five companies in 2018 predicted they’d compete primarily on customer experience by this year, according to research firm Gartner.

With many stores closed and the volume of customer support interactions higher than ever, that trend has now accelerated exponentially. As retailers seek to meet crisis-level needs and grow capabilities for an uncertain future, automation has risen to the fore as a priority for investment.

One-to-one online support is already popular with consumers: Live chat, social media messaging, and SMS text messaging are collectively second only to phone support as the top method for contacting customer service, Microsoft found.

In the current crisis, automated solutions have the added benefit of easing stress on front-line staff, helping brands keep their commitments to worker safety. But the benefits of automated intelligent messaging go far beyond the immediate situation.

Indeed, brands that invest now in conversational commerce stand not only to accommodate surges in demand, but also to entice shoppers back into stores once they reopen, and to build relationships for long-term loyalty.

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