Retailers Guide: Creating a 360 Degree Customer View

Sorting Out the Myth vs. Reality in Creating a 360 Degree Customer View

Depending on who you listen to, the concept of a 360-degree customer view is either the solution to every retailer’s problems or an unrealistic fantasy. Like with many things, the truth lies somewhere in between.

A perfect 360-degree view without any blindspots might be the unattainable holy grail, but the work you put in to unify, aggregate and analyze customer data and the ways that you action this data with personalization and automation creates the kind of CX that delights customers, reduces costs and drives revenue, which is a big win no matter what angle you look at it from.

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retailers guide to creating 360 degree customer view

The Evolution of the Customer Journey Demands a 360-Degree Customer View

Incomplete, inaccurate or disorganized customer data leads to poor customer experience, dismal CSAT scores, mis-allocated marketing budgets, high customer churn, low e-commerce conversions and a host of other ills. Is it any wonder then, that building a complete, actionable picture of each customer has become an obsession among customer-obsessed brands?

In the 360 Customer View Guide We Discuss:

360 degree customer view

The Myth vs. Reality of a 360 Degree Customer View

There is a ton of mis-information on building and developing a 360 degree CX view. In this guide we separate the fact from fiction.

360 degree customer view

What is a 360 Degree Customer View?

Learn the holisitic definition of a true 360 degree customer view and how to apply it to your customer journey.

360 degree customer view

What are the benefits of a 360-degree customer view?

Data for data’s sake isn’t valuable. Learn the advantages of a 360-degree customer view.

360 degree customer view

How to Build a 360 Degree Customer View

We cover how to get started on building your own customized 360 degree customer view