The Retail Customer
Experience: 2021 Trends

Is Your Brand Prepared to Offer High-Fidelity Customer Service With the Complexities of the ‘New Normal’ in 2021?

The 2020 pandemic forced retailers to innovate customer experience through the new normal at an unprecedented pace, and 2021 promises another year of transition and change. Companies that rise to the challenge and institute organization-wide changes will gain the agility and intelligence to help their brands outlast the uncertainties of the moment.
By combining the power of AI with human insights, retailers can guide customers through increasing complexity, fostering strong customer relationships and winning lasting loyalty.

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retail customer experience 2021 trends

While brands might yearn for a return to simplicity in 2021, indications so far are that the year ahead will be as uncertain and volatile as its predecessor.

Political turmoil is set to continue beyond the inauguration, bringing with it the potential for protests, boycotts, and market instability.

Hitches in COVID-19 vaccine roll-outs across the U.S. and globally mean that consumers will continue to have varying degrees of comfort with in-person shopping and events.

In This In Depth Guide We Will Be Covering Topics Like:

No Turning Back: 2021 Will Bring More Complexity

Faced with these unprecedented conditions, it’s not surprising that retailers are undertaking organization-wide changes that will outlast the uncertainties of the moment. This evolution addresses key ways consumer behaviors and expectations are changing.

We discuss:

  • Shopping goes fully hybrid.
  • Fulfillment takes center stage.
  • Brands experiment with new models.

Digital Workers: Essential Support for the New Normal

Retailers need full-fledged digital workers that go beyond order lookups to adapt their responses to conversational cues in real time.

While high volume may prompt retailers to implement the nearest chatbot app they can find, the complexity of the times demands a comprehensive solution.

Download the guide to learn about:

  • A knowledge base for new retail scenarios.
  • Utility beyond the big screen.
  • High-fidelity digital worker conversational capabilities.
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Automated Brand Awareness

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Consultative Buying Assistance

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From product questions to promotion questions, your customers want real-time assistance to their critical buying questions. You’ve spent customer acquisition budgets to get them here, don’t let the unanswered question be the barrier to a successful sales conversion.

Buying Assistance

Automated Buying Assistance For Seamless Purchasing

Deliver a seamless purchase experience to allows have satisfied customers across all messaging channels.

Increase customer loyalty and ensure that your customers buy from your brand first.

Post Purchase

Automated Post-Purchase Self Service For Greater Brand Loyalty and Overall Lifetime Value

Deliver a seamless branded post-purchase experience that drives additional revenue, reduces WISMO calls, increases loyalty and delights your customers regardless of channel. From track and trace to returns, never miss a moment to provide a positive experience.

Customer Retention

Retain and Engage Your Loyal Customers

Increase customer lifetime value and turn one-time buyers into lifetime customers with Linc’s Retention Assistance.

Whether its reorder information, loyalty points, refer a friend or subscription details, Linc AI platform provides your customers with the information they need when they want it and on the channel they prefer.