Tracking and Return: Customer Experience Automation

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We All Know Returning a Package Can Be a Hassle For a Shoppers and Retailers Alike

Linc omnichannel conversational AI platform makes tracking and returns easy.

Order history is displayed along with return eligibility for each item so the Shopper is never guessing if they can still return a product.




with Linc your customers can receive alerts via text or messenger


You can provide details of each item in an order and through carrier Integration’s you can provide an accurate ETA and a tracking map


provide customers tracking details with shiping carrier and maps


Using your Shoppers order history you can offer personalized recommendations that convert better than other browsing history based recommendations.


personlized product recommendations based on customer insights


With the Linc AI Platform It’s Easy to Capture Customer Feedback

Last mile delivery can have its problems you can quickly gather detail feedback from your customers.


with linc gather detailed product feedback from your customers


Gain valuable insight into their purchase and delivery experience.


gather valuable customer feedback on your products and services


Give Your Warehouse and Product Team Immediate Visibility Into a Return

You can capture a specific reason for that return then shoppers can easily find a store to make their return or get a label to print directly from the portal, this is all done quickly and at your Shoppers convenience.


customers can easily print return label or in store


Not Every Return Has to Be in Lost Revenue With Product Recommendations

Between 1 and 7 Shoppers buy a new product immediately.


product returns does not mean lost revenue opportunities


Linc’s Customer Care Automation Platform makes it easy for your customers and helps your brand turn one time purchase orders into lifetime customers.

automate customer service with linc omnichannel conversational ai customer experience platform

Automate over 85% of customer support inquiries out of the box, schedule your demo today!



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