Using Enriched Data to Enhance Automation, Marketing, eCommerce and Operations Programs

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As the customer’s preferences and means of communication change, so does the amount data and tracking we have about customers preferences.

Beyond the clear business impacts on important KPIs, a brand sees a large improvement in customer data – both in richness and availability. With an automated customer care solution, brands can use automated assistants to easily use this data to engage customers and increase sales.

To ensure the automated assistant is fully capable of making accurate decisions and taking action, data not only needs to be unified and stored, but also made available in real-time. This requirement, and effective data architecture creates unique opportunities to use data beyond its involvement in delivering automated service.

The Customer Care Automation platform offers additional customer profile data points, some collected and some derived from customer actions and events. In addition to the customer data being used within the platform to improve services and effectiveness, data can be pushed outside the platform, into data warehouses or other platforms, and used to improve business practices, improve acquisition effectiveness, and in other initiatives.

With data being available in real-time, customer-specific events can be broadcast to existing customer experience and marketing systems to offer new triggers for campaigns and other actions to be taken.

Customer care automation has data at its core. The layers in which data operates go from simply making data available to ensure automated services perform well and in real-time, through to providing aggregate insights to the business that can impact strategic decision making:

  • Unified data aggregated from disparate systems and 3rd parties (such as customer information, order history, delivery status)
  • Data used by AI and services to deliver customer experiences in real-time (such as order status, current request)
  • Customer profile enrichment throughout the data ecosystem from collected, and created data from customer interactions (such as return reasons, chat history, recent sentiment, order and item status)
  • Derived insights from customer behavior and events that can be shared across the data ecosystem (such as purchase frequency, most common size, total yearly spend)
  • Data changes that can be pushed in real time to other systems, to act as triggers for automated workflows or other processes
  • Overarching insights based on data being collected from 3rd parties and multiple systems, and being made available in a convenient and accessible way (such as tying customer order timestamps with delivery timestamps)
  • Aggregate insights into customer conversations that help with planning for additional customer services, aid in customer persona enrichment, and provide feedback to internal teams (such as most common requests sent to human agents)

Utilizing customer data, is a no-brainer, but many brands don’t understand all of its capabilities nor do they have the tools and technologies for bringing it all together.  With an automated customer care platform, brands are able to engage customers on the channels they prefer while serving them with the information when they want it.

You can learn more about automated customer engagement by exploring Linc’s platform and solutions pages. Or take a look at how leading brands like Lamps Plus, and others are using automated customer engagement in their businesses today, in our resources page.

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