The Missing Linc Between You & Your Customers

You love your customers. We make sure they love you too. Linc is a next generation customer relationship platform that is anchored on your shoppers’ most pressing needs.

Get closer to your customer, every day

Linc’s Intelligent Relationship platform is always ready to engage with your customer and understands each individual shopper’s intent at the moment of interaction. Linc anticipates their needs and automates commerce services across email, web, SMS, as well as conversational channels like Facebook Messenger and Amazon Echo. Your customer gets what they want, leaves happy, and comes back again.

Empowering Service that Connects Conveniently

Your customers fluidly move between email, text, social networks, apps, and the web to get what they want and to keep up to date with friends, family, and brands. Linc gives retailers the power to smoothly follow customers across established and emerging channels to provide timely and personalized services to them, whether they are buying online, chatting in Messenger, or asking Amazon Alexa about their order.

Deepen Customer Relationships by Serving Needs

Linc brings together real-time logistics, data feeds, and service engines to solve customer pain points at each stage of the post-purchase journey. From order tracking, returns, and exchanges, to product recommendations, Linc turns more than 60% of post-purchase needs into delightful self-serve experiences. Customers value the attentiveness, responsiveness, and intuitive anticipation of their shopping essentials and aspirations.


Great Service And Engagement Built On Better Understanding

Valued relationships are fundamental to retail success and flourish with true understanding and seamless communication. The Linc platform is structured on the contextual understanding of every customer's needs. With each interaction, Linc understands a customer's omnichannel context in real time and delivers what is needed in engaging, intuitive, and genuine ways. Customers love and appreciate what feels individualized and personal, and become longtime, loyal patrons.

Linc is Loved

Customer-centric brands depend on Linc to help nurture their customer
relationships with exceptional post-purchase experiences. Retail giants, bold innovators and service-oriented leaders all choose Linc’s integrated platform to achieve impressive ROI with lower service costs and increased lifetime value, and excel in growth and profitability.

Let's Get Personal

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