Brand Awareness.

Increase and Enhance Your Brand Awareness Strategies with Linc Conversational AI

Easily customize your google messaging and utilize the new ad to chat functionality.

With Linc’s CX Platform, the opportunities for growing brand awareness are endless.


Engaged Shoppers Across all Conversational Channels


Active Engagement With Linc CX Platform

Ad to Chat

Easily access product questions directly from display and search ads.  Never lose a customer who is researching the web when you can provide them with the instant answers they need to inform their purchase decisions


Google Messaging

Utilize the revolutionary new search ads to allow for easy purchases and product information

The-Ridge-Increases Brand Awareness with Linc CX Platform

“With Linc, we were able to get over 25% of our entire customer base converted into SMS and social network channels where they can be connected with our brand at all times”

daniel kane ceo ridge wallets

Daniel Kane

CEO, Co-founder | The Ridge

Learn how The Ridge leveraged Linc automated customer experience (CX) platform to provide shoppers with a cohesive experience across the entire purchasing journey.

Over 25% of Entire Customer Base Converted Into SMS and Social Network Channels


The Ridge Increased Customer Engagement Through New Channels

Linc CX Automation Platform

From pre-purchase to post-purchase, Linc helps businesses increase customer engagement while reducing customer service support costs

Brand Awareness

Allow for easy access to your brand from search ads to google messenger, add to chat functionality can give your customers the quick information they need.

Post Purchase

Support order status, tracking and returns through a combination of Notification and self-service

Linc Conversational AI Software Solutions for Retailers

Consultative Buying

Provide your customers with the timely answers they need to easily find the right products and content  on any channel they prefer

Buying Assistance

Acquire new customers and provide current customers with all the information they need throughout the entire customer journey with Linc’s Full Suite

Customer Retention

From loyalty points to easy reorder, provide your customers with the a complete customer experience


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