Consultative Buying Assistance.

Convert More Sales With 24/7 Customer Assistance.

From product questions to promotion questions, your customers want real-time assistance to their critical buying questions. You’ve spent customer acquisition budgets to get them here, don’t let the unanswered question be the barrier to a successful sales conversion.


Customer Service Cost Reduction


Organic Opt-in Rate

Automated Live Chat

Deliver real-time, personalized experiences for your customers at the time they want to interact with your brand.


Provide 24/7 automated assistance, delivering a real-time, customer engagement experience


Offer convenience to customers with the ability to ask product questions via live chat


Inform customers about sales, promotions and product recommendations

Actively engage and grow your opt-in audience across conversational channels

Linc makes it simple for marketers to target and segment their opt-ins by channel and campaign.

Our opt-in manager takes the burden off your team by collecting all marketing opt-ins, and seamlessly managing your shoppers’ channel preferences.

We offer ways to efficiently distribute campaigns, products, services, and other content to your shoppers in their preferred channels.

Provide instant answers with consultative buying

Never lose another shopper to a competitor because your customer can’t get the information they need in a timely manner.

Linc’s consultative buying assistant allows customers to easily access FAQ’s, receive store information, get product information, including (size, availability, color, etc.)

Inspire your customers with helpful product recommendations

Interact with your customers when they are actively searching and learning about your brand.

With Linc’s AI agent, customers can ask product questions and get real-time recommendations and inspiration.

In addition, we take the recommendations one step further by allowing for categories such as Best Seller, I feel lucky, Just for Me, Category Highlights and Mixed recommendations to be queried and answered.

Engage your loyal customers with instant content inspiration

Engage your customers with your valuable content including brand stories, recipes, product tips, vacation planning, etc. from one omnichannel assistant.

Never miss a chance to strengthen brand loyalty while turning every interaction into a customer delight.


Over 25% Pura Vida shoppers are opted-in for brand notifications via Linc.


With Linc’s contextual product recommendations, Pura Vida sees a 4X ROI.

See how Linc helped Pura Vida achieve new levels of success

Make CX Your Competitive Advantage

From pre-purchase to post-purchase, Linc helps businesses increase customer engagement while reducing customer service support costs

Brand Awareness

Allow for easy access to your brand from search ads to google messenger, add to chat functionality can give your customers the quick information they need.

Post Purchase

Support order status, tracking and returns through a combination of Notification and self-service

Consultative Buying

Provide your customers with the timely answers they need to easily find the right products and content  on any channel they prefer

Buying Assistance

Acquire new customers and provide current customers with all the information they need throughout the entire customer journey with Linc’s Full Suite


From loyalty points to easy reorder, provide your customers with the a complete customer experience


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