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Branded Conversational Commerce Demonstration With Linc AI Voice Assistance Integrated with Amazon Echo

In today’s conversational commerce demonstration we will be covering how the Linc Platform integrates with AI voice assistance for seamless order returns and reorders through the same channel.

We will be giving you a demo of our customer service chatbot experience via an Amazon Echo:

Customer Asks:

“Alexa check order status with Carter’s Demo”


linc ai voice assistant alexa order status check


Alexa Replies:

“I found two relevant orders the order containing fancy-free dresses in transit estimated delivery date is Tuesday September 26th the order containing TLC solid leggings does in transit estimated delivery date is Tuesday September 26th “

What’s Happening Here is that Carter’s Demo is the Name of a Skill Which is Powered and Hosted on the Linc AI Customer Care Automation Platform.


Conversational Commerce Linc AI Voice Assistant Demo


With the Linc platform your brand could have your own branded skill on Amazon Echo, Google home as well as other voice Platforms.

In this demo the skill is checking the status of the order that was placed on not Amazon.

This difference between the Linc platform allows Carter’s to offer value to their direct-to-consumer channel. Creating an incredible environment for conversational commerce to take place.

Leveraging voice platforms coupled with this type of voice assistant opportunity Brands can also incorporate campaigns to be mentioned at the end of the voice automated assistance.

Brands have complete control of the campaign messages and can change campaigns from time to time via our campaign messenger interface.

Here is a demo on how our AI chatbot can assist a shopper with the return:

Customer Asks: 

“Alexa ask Carter’s demo to return slippers”

Alexa Answers:

“Did you mean size 9.5 flip flops or size 10 flip flops size 10 you have selected Carter’s floral flip flops size 10 are you sure you want to return this item?”

demo linc ai chatbot assisting with order return


Customer Answers:


Alexa Answers:

“Okay I have just sent a shipping label to your email.”

ai voice automated return post purchase


The Linc Omnichannel AI Chatbot has a 95% accuracy to be able to understand natural language to automate inquiries tied to order status return or exchange frequently asked questions as well as reordering.

As seen in our voice assisted order return demo the bot not only understands that slippers refers to the floral flip flops and knows how to disambiguate the two flip flop products we purchased by leveraging the size of the product.

Now let’s take a look at on demand reordering capability for cpgs Cosmetics or health supplement verticals On Demand reordering is the new standard and offering convenience value to Shoppers and effectively increases lifetime value.

Customer Asks:

“Alexa tell P&G shop I need more Oral B”

Alexa Answers:

“You select an Oral-B Glide 3D White whitening is this the item you’d like to reorder?”

conversational commerce demo reorder amazon alexa


Customer Answers:


Alexa Answers:

“Okay your order total is $14.07 the item will be shipped to 77 Geary St FL 5 San Francisco may I place the order?”


Customer Answers:


Alexa Answers:

“Great your order has been placed check your email for an order confirmation”

conversational commerce demo linc ai reorder chatbot alexa


As you can see from this demonstration of branded conversational commerce the sky is the limit to the customization’s and program ability of the Linc AI Platform.

Combined with Omnichannel AI Linc turns these branded customer interactions into opportunities to build lifetime loyalty, increase sales, decrease customer service overhead, and automate up to 94% of customer service support inquiries.

We hope you enjoyed the conversational commerce demo.

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