Linc is Customer Care:
Automated, Scalable

Leverage Linc's commerce trained AI to automatically resolve over 60% of inquiries, and provide powerful self-serve features for your shoppers.

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    Returns and Exchanges

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    Recommendations and Campaigns

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    Chatbots and Voice

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    Product Re-Ordering


Personalized and Scalable Tracking

Exceptional Tracking

Give your shoppers an exceptional tracking experience, through live-updating emails, text alerts, chat service and voice devices, so they know what’s in the box and when it will arrive.


  • Responsive emails with detailed up-to-date tracking
  • Tracking details for each shipped item in each box
  • Shipping updates via text and Facebook Messenger
  • Ability for shoppers to message carriers directly


Self-Serve Returns and Exchanges

Intuitive Experience

Shoppers know what a great return experience feels like, and giving them what they want increases satisfaction, reduces support calls and makes shoppers more likely to purchase again.


  • Self-serve real-time returns and exchanges on Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa and the web
  • Lost revenue recaptured through re-purchase and exchanges with personalized product recommendations based on order history
  • Returns offered according to business rules and eligibility, with no surprises for the shopper


Product Recommendations
and Campaigns

High-converting Recommendations

  • Up-sell your shopper with additional product purchases
  • Offer recommended products when a shopper is engaged with tracking, returns and exchanges
  • Promote products via Facebook Messenger

Laser-targeted Campaigns

  • Engage shoppers with campaigns via Facebook Messenger, email and web
  • Increase average order value and purchase frequency through promotions


Conversational Commerce Channels

Chatbots and Voice

Engage your shoppers on real-time conversational platforms like Facebook Messenger chat and Amazon Alexa voice. Offer real-time resolution to tracking, returns and exchange questions while providing product up-sells and cross-sells.


  • Give shoppers convenient on-demand service without using human agents on Facebook Messenger
  • Leverage the latest AI and Natural Language Understanding to make it easy for shoppers to ask questions
  • Establish your brand on emerging channels without the without the expense of a complex, custom-built project
  • Use savings in customer service to fund your move into chat and voice
  • Gain opt-ins without giving discounts or incentives, and cumulatively grow your audience with less than 2% opt-outs

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Instant Re-Ordering

Chat and voice based product replenishment

Subscription commerce may be the holy grail, but the vast majority of shoppers cancel within 4 months. On-demand reordering is the perfect solution for any product that is purchased repeatedly, but not used the same way every day.


  • Give shoppers an on-demand product refill with no hassles
  • Natural language processing matches shopper requests with previously ordered products
  • Provide shoppers with free sample offers and product upsells

Platform architecture that connects you to your shoppers

Linc was built from the ground-up to leverage the data you already have, and combine it with the best in commerce-specific AI, to serve your shoppers with personalized service and resolution in real-time.

Data Collection

Data is the foundation of the services offered to shoppers. Linc makes it easy to integrate the data that’s needed, from the platforms you already have, using pre-built integrations.

Single Customer Profile

Linc structures disparate data into a single customer profile in order to leverage what you already have. This includes customer details, customer preferences, order details, tracking numbers and product inventory details.


The brains of the platform, Cortex combines commerce-trained AI and natural language understanding with machine learning to match real time shopper requests with the data that is stored, to create insights and take action to resolve shopper inquiries.


These do the heavy-lifting on behalf of your teams, and give the shopper what they want. This includes tracking status mapping, a returns and exchanges processor, a product recommendation algorithm and a re-ordering engine.

Messaging Adapter

With great knowledge and skills comes great responsibility. Cortex controls the response to the shopper, but needs assistance in order to interact with shoppers across different channels. Messages are carefully crafted to provide exactly what the shopper wants.

Platforms and Channels

Linc is continually evolving the platforms and channels that connect brand to shopper. Every one is slightly different and presents unique opportunities to deliver an exceptional experience and resolution.

Giving you a stronger relationship with your shoppers

Analytics & Reporting

We offer robust analytics reporting mechanisms to delight all stakeholders in your business
with ease of accessing and leveraging analytics and insights produced on Linc’s platform.

Scheduled Reports

Automatically generated reports scheduled to push to designated stakeholders via email or FTP.

QBR Meetings

Quarterly business review meetings, with a focus on ROI metrics and strategic planning topics.

Slack Bot

(In Beta) Access to quick answers 24/7, with on-demand real-time assistance for metrics and assessing customer information.

Operational Portal

The Linc Return Dashboard gives operational stakeholders the ability to view inbound return items or setup return overrides.

Built for your tech stack

Linc is built to work with the most-used ecommerce platfoms, order management systems, product inventory feeds, email service providers, logistics and 3PL solutions and carriers, social management platforms, helpdesk platforms and your existing checkout and operational emails.

eCommerce Platforms

Email Platforms


Community Platforms

Customer Support Platforms

Product Data Feed

Fuel your growth with stronger connections to your shoppers.

Get your close-up look at how Linc can work to help you drive lifetime value by engaging your shoppers through tracking, returns, exchanges, upsells, and re-ordering.