Use automation to resolve inquiries and drive new revenue.

Today’s consumers expect real-time convenience. Linc’s pre-built automated services resolve over 70% of customer inquiries and turn customer service moments into engagement and conversions.

Using Linc’s customer care automation, brands can offer seamless automated assistance that delights customers and improves the metrics that matter the most.

"Linc has given us an opt in rate of over 25%, and an ROI of over 4x with product recommendations."
Paul Goodman
CFO / Cofounder, Pura Vida Bracelets

Linc’s Customer Care Automation
offers the best value out-of-the-box


Off-the-shelf automation of 70%+ inquiries

Serve customers in real-time on Facebook Messenger, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Solve customer problems before they happen.

Increased Branded Engagement Across Channels

Create new moments of engagement. Interact via your brand’s voice skill, company Messenger chatbot, unique SMS number, and branded My Account portal.

Intelligent, contextual product recommendations

Leverage additional engagement moments to drive more revenue. Use a deep understanding of your customer to offer high-converting product recommendations and campaigns.

Analytics and Insights

Learn more about how your customers interact with you, the questions they have, and how successfully you are engaging them to generate new revenue. Get insights into customer sentiment, opt-in rates, click through, and revenue.

Seamless services and experiences on the channels customers prefer

Linc’d brands give their customers the accessibility and convenience they want.

Automated Chat

Use Facebook Messenger to provide real-time updates and solutions to customer inquiries. Provide details about orders, shipping status, organize returns and exchanges, and answer frequently asked questions. Use customer service moments to offer related products to drive new conversions.

Voice Assistants

Give your customer immediate service on Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa enabled devices. Chat in natural language with customers to answer questions about order status, and process returns in seconds. You own your customer data and nothing is shared with platform providers.

Dynamic Email Content

For customers who prefer email updates, show them up-to-date status and information about their order, every time they open the order confirmation email. A location map and status information are shown, and these are updated as an order is in transit. The customer can click through for more details, where they are also shown product recommendations.

Text Notifications

Loved by brands and customers alike, text notifications provide many customers with updates on their order and delivery. Customers can tap to get more information, and are shown complete order status along with product recommendations to drive more conversions.

Responsive My-Account

The responsive My Account gives customers self-service access wherever they are. It has complete details on all orders, items in those orders with images, and the status of those. Customers can easily self-serve returns and exchanges, with a guided step-by-step process that includes product recommendations and campaigns.

Product Recommendations

Increase conversions with contextual product recommendations across channels. Linc’s product recommendations convert customer service moments into new purchases by offering the right product at the right time. Offer products in tracking landing pages, Facebook Messenger and after a customer makes a return, and drive new revenue.

Chat and Voice Re-Ordering

Leverage conversational platforms to give your customer easy re-ordering with natural language – no product names needed. Avoid the commitment friction of a subscription while making it easy for your customer to purchase more of the product they’ve already enjoyed.

Bot-Agent Handoff

For more complex requests, Linc’s platform recognizes the need for a live agent, and hands the chat off, seamlessly transferring the customer conversation to the customer care team. The agent receives additional insights on the customer and conversation, so they are enabled to resolve the customer’s inquiry quickly, and conveniently.

Powerful pre-built integrations decrease implementation complexity and timeline.

Linc offers the shortest time to ROI, and eliminates complex IT Projects.

Using specialized data ingestion that removes the need for heavy backend integrations, a rich data profile is created for every customer, and the platform’s pre-built services, AI and commerce workflows go to work immediately on launch, delivering cost reductions, and new revenue on day 1.

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Linc’s platform is ready to take automation beyond pre-built services.

Today’s most successful brands differentiate on services and experience. Linc’s modular Botlet architecture offers powerful extensibility
that goes beyond pre-built customer care automation services.

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