WISMO: Order Tracking vs Package Tracking

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Does Your CX Solution Properly Handle WISMO “Where Is My Order Questions”?

If You are Selling Physical Goods Online Chances are That 40% or More of Your Customer Service Inquiries Post Purchase are Tied to WISMO “Where is My Order”. Is your customer experience automation solution set up in the most efficient way to handle these WISMO requests?

When your customers are order tracking, are they actually tracking the package itself?

Data have shown that  63% of these WISMO questions are asked before an order is fulfilled.

The Majority of “Where is My Order?” Questions are Really “When will you ship?” Questions

Most post purchase tools are there for enhancing your tracking experience only when the tracking number gets generated. That means the biggest part of the problem is that some are attempting to use machine learning to predict the Fulfillment time and ultimately an estimated delivery date.

This is not the most efficient or accurate way to track orders post purchase.

A predictive algorithm only works for businesses who have a highly predictable fulfillment operation. And it gets even harder when you have a big Drop Shipping business or ship-from-store services. Ecommerce based retailers and businesses need to know this.

An unreliable prepaid delivery date can backfire easily as one false prediction cannot outweigh 10 accurate predictions in customer experience.

What Can You Do to Effectively Improve Your WISMO Customer Experience?

Here is how Linc addresses the challenge of properly tracking orders post purchase and driving down WISMO calls.

We take the tracking experience from being package level tracking which starts with the tracking number to an alternate route to which order tracking starts immediately at the Inception of the order.

We offer shoppers the option to get an order status update through proactive communication immediately after they submit their order.

Our results have shown that 22% of all shoppers Will opt in to at least 1 modern communication channel for notification across text message Facebook Messenger Voice assistance such as Alexa and Google Assistant.

The shopper sends in a text or email twice less frequently as they know they will be notified through the channel of their choice. We don’t stop there.

Linc Makes it Super Convenient for Your Customers to Ask WISMO Questions and Get Immediate Answers

This can be asking through Facebook Messenger or Alexa or a tracking page we put in messages and message carrier touch-points.

Best of all when shoppers do reach out they know the context of the question already and by tying a question to a specific order number can provide the shoppers with the needed answer, including accurate delivery date if the package is already in transit.

If it’s before the fulfillment is done it leverages a knowledge base which you as the brand can control to let your shoppers know how long it can typically take for you to fulfill an order or any scenarios that can cause a delay in delivery or fulfillment.

We found that 95% of the cases in using this ultimate AI responsiveness approach fully satisfies the shoppers needs and in the other 5% we seamlessly handover to a customer service agent.

We also provide a robust open API set for you or your fulfillment Partners to send updates in cases of an exception. This can be a fulfillment delay event or fail to fulfill due to an out of stock event.

Linc Leverages its Robust Digital Workers to Proactively Inform the Shopper of Order Status

The next time you have a big sale and the fulfillment time takes a little longer, not a problem you have a scalable and a customer-friendly way to communicate with shoppers, and that’s all they want from you.

Order Level Tracking Instead of Package Level Tracking Offers Additional Benefits

The ability to show customers what’s in the Box reduces confusion in cases of split shipments, and if you use Linc contextual upsell feature this order level information also fuels the intelligence behind our product recommendation, which drives 17% click through rates (CTR) and 5% same day sales conversion.

As you consider how to improve your customer loyalty, how to compete with Amazon on differentiating yourself in the market, also consider improving your order tracking experience and choose the right customer experience platform to delight your customers.

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