The 2020 Retailers Guide to Holiday Planning

Is Your Brand Ready For the Unprecedented 2020 Holiday Shopping Season?

Get the 2020 Retailers Holiday Planning Guide and Learn How Retailers Can Navigate and Thrive in What is Shaping Up to Be the Most Unique, Precarious and Uncharted Holiday Shopping Season Yet

Just as important as taking the right steps this holiday season is avoiding the wrong ones.

Fill out the form and get key insights from retail industry experts on the 2020 post COVID-19 holiday shopping season and the role conversational ai will have in delivering customer experiences that drive pandemic proof brand loyalty.

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Retailers Guide to Holiday Planning with Conversational AI

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”.

~ Mike Tyson

The Show Will Go On This Year, But it Will Look Much Different.

This year, retailers have certainly taken some major hits. The ones that will successfully navigate this turbulent time are those that have prioritized the customer experience (CX) and have made it their goal to deeply understand their customers and craft customer journeys, seamlessly blending the digital and physical, that reflect this understanding.

Retailers need to be entering this unprecedented holiday season not with a fool-proof plan, but with a flexible strategic approach that reflects the reality of how their customers want and need to be served in 2020.

In The 2020 Retailers Holiday Guide We Cover:


What Makes The 2020 Season Different?


The Consumer Behavior Trends Defining The 2020 Holiday Season


The Four Planning Mistakes Smart Retailers Will Avoid This Holiday Season


Actionable Steps on How Your Brand Can Adapt To A New Holiday Reality